Modern Possibilities

Man is so constituted that it is always necessary to communicate with him like. So over the last century while writing letters and sending them with carts, cabs and couriers to quickly gave way to rapid transmission of the same messages, and such communication is relayed initially called the Internet call (IRC). Then widely assumed notion of "chat", where they can communicate with two or more people. A variety of chat rooms, by any subjects and for different target audiences, come together in service chats. These services have their own administration, its software, moderators who take the order at the service. Everyone can create their own chat room, both free and paid.

With free design has its own nuances, such as advertising on the service, the restriction of certain functions. Buying the same chat provides its own advantages, and they may differ from one service from another. Of course, if you select the service to chat consider all these nuances, and most importantly need to know what it's done. In general, many owners to promote your website create a mini-chats, and what attract new visitors. But often, chat and advertising needs, or the most simple method by Internet, such as the posting and dissemination of information on forums, blogs, message boards, some doing a kind of run the service reference. Or you can use all her friends who are interested in the popularity of the site and chat in particular. To date, created quite friendly chat services, but in Many have a significant drawback – the engine of messages.

PBX Panasonic KxTd

Yes, whatever you say, and programming PANASONIC – a pleasure. Someone who likes to use special software installers (WinProg, for example), we also prefer the programming unit. What a way that commercials – all very convenient. I will not interface to go into the very WinProg-a, but the presence of hints at the entrance to each of porgramm KX-TD-shki when programming from a telephone – a huge help! Even the entry of font parameters (such as names and CO EXT) does not cause not an ounce of problems! Thing! A translation of programming instructions are you reading? Those suppliers that are now completely free to put a set exchange. Well, how? We can say that everything just chewed, written almost the full boobies. This, too, we believe, a huge plus for this honor and praise to the manufacturer. How many of you know (I will not argue that everybody knows it), in the office equipment PBX often there are such small yuzersky things that are called the system phones.

So, if we consider, for example exchanges of Korean manufacturing firms (SAMSUNG, LG …), then we can see that the system phones are designed for operation with a series of stations, not too then get on with stations in a later release. Or stations for different series are also needed its own specific telephones. On the telephone exchanges PANASONIC KX series the situation is much better and easier. Devices an earlier release for the most part totally workable with a new series of stations.

Turning Automatic Machines

For large volume production of metal products, containing fittings is advisable to use automatic lathes poluavtomatov.S their help is provided by an increase in the rate of production of parts and accuracy specifications of the products compared to manually processing workpieces on lathes stankah.Rezbonareznye work has been done with the dice, thread-heads, taps and cutters. Condition threading cutter requires kinematic dependence spindle speed of longitudinal feed reztsa.Na turning cam and a number of software to control (CNC) machines and semi-automatic kinematic schemes such dependence is not provided, so threading cutters can only be done when applying for these special extras and ustroystv.Dopolnitelnye devices are driven by gear, is placed on the rear end of the spindle, the movement from which a replacement guitar gear ring is transmitted to a special cam or screw, carrying out a longitudinal flow koretki Crusade supporta.Pri tapping is necessary that for one revolution of the spindle cutter shifted by an amount shaga.Taka as one operation by the tool in one revolution of the lead cam, the spindle speed is related to speed cam gear ratio, which is ensured by the selection of replacement wheels. Preservation of the equal and favorable conditions for cutting the left and right surfaces of the screw relative to the tool requires that face of tool coincides with the normal to each of the helical surfaces rezby.Eto a cut condition is met when the front face is inclined at an angle equal to the angle to create lift rezby.S on the tool back angle of the axis of the tool have higher axis workpiece when cutting threads and lower right – when cutting the left. These conditions provide a normal quality of thread-cutters work on automatic lathes and semiautomatic.

Online Tutorial

Cu (English C) – a standardized procedural programming language developed in the early 1970s, members of Bell Labs by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, as the development of language Bee. C was designed for use in the operating system UNIX. C He has since been ported to many operating systems and has become one of the most used programming languages. Cu valued for its effectiveness, it is the most popular language for creating system software software. It is also often used to create applications. Despite the fact that C is not designed for beginners, it is actively used for teaching programming.

In the sequel the syntax of C language was the basis for many other languages (see: C-like syntax). For the C language is characterized by brevity, the modern set of flow control structures, data structures and an extensive set of operations. A bit of a C Language C programming is minimal. The authors would like language to program it easily compiled with the help of a single-pass compiler, after compiling each elementary component of the program corresponded to a very small number of machine instructions, and use the basic elements of language did not use run-time library. One-pass compiler compiles the program without returning back to the already compiled the text. Therefore, the use of the function must precede its declaration. C code can easily be written at a low level of abstraction, almost like an assembler. Sometimes C is called "universal assembler" or "high-level assembler", which reflects the difference between assembly languages for various platforms and the unity of the C standard, whose code can be compiled without change on almost any computer model. C often called the language of average or even low, given how closely he works for a real ustroystvam.c-book-help – This online tutorial on programming in C language. This resource is designed to help novice programmers to give them the basic concepts and to help deal with this programming language.

Eraser Lights

Thus, you can select a camera with built-in noise reduction or to solve this problem in post-processing using special software. The timing of the shooting can significantly change the situation when shooting holiday lights outside the best exposure you can get in the twilight. This is a short period after sunset and before nightfall. This fleeting balance of light and shadow help create a beautiful twinkling lights, while maintaining detail in shadows. Do not underestimate the role of shadow detail, which is very important to achieve a good composition. Refer to the manual to your camera for correct installation and white balance.

When shooting holiday lights in the room is better to include the main light in the room, which will increase the amount of natural light, instead of using a flash. Built-in Flash creates sharp, high-contrast lighting, which dampens the beautiful twinkling lights. Properly directed light from an incandescent lamp is able to increase the number of basic lighting and it does not affect the quality of festive lights. Shooting with two exposures One way to expand the tonal range of the digital image – to use two exposures to a single scene. When shooting in manual mode, make one exposure for the to capture the best parts in bright areas. And for the second snapshot, use the exposure is enough to get as much detail in the shadows. Then, in Photoshop, create two separate layers with two different exposures and apply them. Apply tool Eraser tool (Eraser) to poorly lit areas, to show more detail from the lower layer, then repeat the same with the other most successful parts of each layer / exposure.

Just Cheboksary

On the map were marked all the sights, museums address with phones running time and the interesting point. The time was noon, and, as the saying goes 'War-war, and the lunch schedule', right at the sign on the main street I turned to all the well-known fast-food diner, located in the heart of the city. Sitting at a table on a summer porch, beautiful view of the reservoir, a red square with 46-meter monument to Mother, prostrate their hands over the city. The monument was unveiled May 9, 2003, on a pedestal adorn these words: 'Blessed are my children, living in peace and love'. What can I say? Hot! But the bite was over, the car decided to leave the parking lot and continue inspection on foot. Interest in Cheboksary enough. This and the above mentioned memorial mother, and a local Arbat – Boulevard merchant Ephraim. By the way, Merchant Efremov very colorful personality.

About him in walking this story: As Procopius Efremov was one of the most famous and richest men in Cheboksary, he loved to work, first to reach the rank of merchant of the first Guild of Chuvash. But the man he was simple, and dressed not in style, but as an ordinary peasant. Once on the boat was sailing in first class. Richly dressed people were outraged that they went near a peasant. Someone even complained to the captain asking him to save them from society. At the next stop the captain announced: "Ladies and gentlemen! I ask you to leave the ship, Sir, Efremov, it was bought and then he wants to follow you no '… His photo can be seen in the National Museum and in this article.

Just Cheboksary is home to the world-famous kom.diva Chapaev. He is devoted to a museum and memorial. In general I visit the Chuvash National Museum (Red Square, D5) and, if possible, book a tour there, then we can get acquainted with the life of the people of Chuvashia, listen to folk songs and even touch the history of this region. If weather permits, you can stroll along the waterfront clicking on the pedestrian bridge, thrown over the bay. The bridge is just the thing to the Monument of the mother. Quay is a popular place for young people, with its beautiful view. Next to it is possible to reach the Holy Trinity Monastery (St. Konstantin Ivanov, D1) in the church of Our Lady was the first step is the image of St. Nicholas. This is a carved wooden image of St Nicholas of Mozhaisk, the icon height = 1.5 meters. With that linked a belief that if someone fool in front of that image, 'that on the third day the earth will'. Previously here led to the interrogation of criminals, and checking under the impression that things are resolved with the help of icons, without charge or trial. Yes … Many strange and mysterious land of Russian stores. Friends! I invite you to visit this fascinating corner, as correctly stated in the proverb: 'Better to see once than hear a hundred times. " Spirited you travel! See photos and read the original report can be in: Software-DOROZHKAM.RF

Elements Of A Trading Plan

Elements of a trading plan. If you trade without a plan, based on in-depth analysis and testing, you will seriously weaken its position. Treiding, as well as politics or war, including the tactics and strategy – a combination of general plan with specific techniques to accomplish this plan. Woe to the army, which has no policies or practices of warfare. Powerful forces have repeatedly defeated by the weaker opponents because of lack of tactical skills. And just a great trading idea is useless without a viable plan for its implementation.

Stock trading is associated with greater emotional weight – because of adrenaline, which is often accompanied by only one idea that can make or lose big money. Many newcomers rushing into deals without a clear idea about how to obtain the potential profits to which they think are within reach. To avoid this trap, you should always approach the markets with a detailed plan – regardless of your trading style, time period, the market or method. Slogan, which is worth remembering – plan your trade and Trade in your plan. The plan should actually suggest specific steps that you can perform. Common words or vague rules lead to the "intuitive" trade, which inevitably ends with unnecessary losses.

Losing trades are inevitable, but to do so they appear as seldom as possible. Prior to the auction before placing the transaction you must be sure that your approach has positive probability of profit. To form a quite simply, that's just not easy to do.

The Absolute

Shopping in the rising and Sales in lowering trend in the majority of traders do not coincide with the rhythm of the market. Please note that we do not consider cases in which trade is created at the time of birth trend. Now we are talking about how they should behave within the trend. And for this situation are the best ways to enter the market based on the use of trend lines with the support or resistance, defined by the last completed movements. So, here are two the best point of allowing to enter the trade with a high probability of success at a relatively small proportion of risk in the market trend. In each of them assumed the use of limit orders, and only occasionally – the market if It has a good reason. Point 1.

Buying from the line of the uptrend in the third contact. An uptrend is defined as prices rise. We have an opportunity to draw a line with a slope up. She held on two consecutive rising grounds price bars with respect to the absolute bottom of at least two previous and two subsequent bars. The best time to enter the market occurs when third touch price trend line. At this point, of course, need to buy – and buy only (Fig. 1). Using this technique, you should inquire in advance of price levels, which may be different – depending on the addition, at what point will touch the price with the trend.

Dow Theory Market

The Dow Theory was developed in the early twentieth century to assess the overall state of the economy, but in the future speculators took her into service for the market analysis. Dow Theory is composed of 6 ideas. Index takes into account everything. All information which is available to market participants immediately accounted for in share price. The market constantly, there are three trends. The first trend – global. It lasts for years. The second trend – the movement against the main trend, ie it correction, which may last several months.

The third kind of trend – a slight movement of the second trend. In this case, their direction may coincide with major market movement, and whether to be against him. Home trend has three phases. The first phase – a period of decline in the economy. The bulk of investors’ negative attitude to investment. Recommendations of brokers and experts – to sell. Stocks and other assets are very cheap.

During this period, most informed and far-sighted players are anxious to buy assets. The second phase is characterized by improved overall economy. Come into play, technical analysts, who noted a clear reversal trend. At the third phase has a peak in corporate profits, is the rapid growth of the economy. The general public begins to aggressively buy all types of assets. However, investors who bought in the first phase are gradually close their positions. It is worth adding that the market tended to remain investors buying on the first and second phases. the rest of the audience does not make big capital ilivovse loses a significant portion of their investment. Indices must confirm each other. This means that if the indices move in one direction, but in this case the market is a clear trend. Trend remains unchanged, there is no clear signal changing trends. Until all stock market indices do not show apparent reverse trend is unchanged. Volume must confirm the trend. Volumes should grow in the direction of the prevailing trend. Recall the third idea of the theory of the three phases of the trend. The volume will increase when the game will include all new members. Despite more than a century, Dow Theory does not lose its relevance in the present. As an example, look at the timetable for any action a large company and before you invest your money is to answer the question: what phase is now on the market?

Federal Reserve

According to him, the United States is divided into twelve 'Counties' Federal Reserve and Congress completely removed from the right 'create' money or to have any whatsoever control over their 'creation', these functions are now entrusted to the Corporation and the Federal Reserve. All this was done under by appropriate calls. Propaganda assuring people that everything is done for the sake of to 'finances were separated from politics. " In other words, the chief U.S. press has passed into private hands. The word 'federal' used to intentionally introduce people into error.

Now, about the consequences: In 1910 the national debt U.S. amounted to about $ 1 billion By 1920 the ninth year, ie after only six years of the Federal Reserve, the national debt grew to $ 24 billion by the beginning of 1960 the national debt over $ 200 billion is now the value of debt handled $ 11 trillion What is the basic idea should be hence to make? Adults guys (shadow rulers) are playing their games and, in many of their desires, the Bucks will move in one direction or another. On the 'shock therapy', Paul Volcker and caught 'Belo handle' LBJ Following World War II, it turned out that the United States was the only economically 'Winners' country in this war. Incidentally, the IMF, UN, World Bank and other international organizations were created under shevstvom United States to maintain this postwar status quo – that is, strengthen America's position. More than half of all international money transactions were carried out in dollars.