The Market

In 1989 the fair of Umbaba counts on two markets, one parase to commercialize meats and vsceras and other to commercialize flour and grains. The fair happens in the markets and its outskirts, in the streets and sidewalk. In the market of meats the bovine meats are commercialized, sunas, goat, and its vsceras. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Joeb Moore. The market of the flour commercializes farinhade cassava and its derivatives. With passing of the time the market passed to acomercializar other products (supreme) as rice, beans etc 10. Had its dynamics and diversity until the year of 2009, sovrios types of commercialized products and with different standards of quality, having the presence of hortifrutigranjeiros in general, as fruits, vegetables, vegetables, eggs, as well as tents of crayons and cakes, broth of sugar cane, cereals, cheeses, meats, artesanato, beyond numerous other types of diverse deprodutos tents that compose the corresponding part the clothes, fabrics, footwear, knicks-knack, toys, armarinhos, 11 etc.

The agricultural products are the ones that present greater variaoque are related to the culture of the place and the region. Hortifrutigranjeirosque is commercialized in the fair of Umbaba, a part is of origin dosagricultores of the city that have the incentive of the Secretariat of Agricultura.Outra have left have origin of Itabaiana, city that if it affirms as maiorcentro of agricultural commercialization PErevende fruits and deriving vegetables of Itabaiana and Petrolina. It commercializes seusprodutos in the clientele of Umbaba it has eight years, it affirms that, amongst the fairs queele vende its merchandises, of Umbaba, is the one that more grows of the interior deSergipe. For it, between the fairs where it commercializes, of Umbaba it is the one that eleobtm more profit 13. The trading and supplying umbaubense of bovine meat (…), known as Delegated of Adi, says to commercialize the product the twenty and cincoanos ones in the fair of Umbaba. It inherited the profession of its father.

Traditionalistic Omtodo

This content must be searched in the culture of educating and the naconscincia that it has of same. Conscinciasoprimidas and critical or the magical ones are immersed in the reality or afogadasnelas. They do not feel themselves capable to understand the facts. The conscience ingnuasente of all capable one. The critical conscience only elaborates a viable clipping darealidade, representing the facts as they give themselves empirically, with suasmltiplas relations.

For believing the passvel world detransformao the critical conscience leagues the world to it of the culture and not danatureza. This conception distinguishes nature from culture, understanding culturacomo the additions that the man makes to the world, or as the result of seutrabalho, of its creative effort. Educating must be primeirodescobrir as a constructor of this world of the culture aeducao demands of the educator, of a side, queeleja the service of who wants to be. This discovery would rescue suaauto-esteem, therefore in such a way the workmanship of a great sculptor is culture, how much bonecode adobe made for its neighbor. 4.3AS CONCEPTIONS DE PABLO FREIRE AND OENSINODA 4.3.1 HISTORY the education of History national aidentidade the education of History even in years 80, had as principalobjetivo to develop in the pupil a national identity. However this deensino system did not get success, therefore it did not obtain to create the identity, causing assimmais you doubt, of that identification.

But, according to Freire (2001, P. 57.), essafalta of information generates ideological differences, of a side, discriminatory, of another one, resistance. Traditionalistic Omtodo of the education of History gave emphasis imposes a fine on so that it alunodecorasse dates and names of some personages of the national politics, ' ' decoreba' ' , in which the same ones remained far from the reality and of the life and the world it qualestava of it inserted, becoming the contents of it disciplines of History assuntochato, existing only in old books and in the dust of the museums and what naprova falls pertaining to school is not what the life of the pupil asks for to it, but yes what professor, standes out Tiba (2008, p.68.) in seusestudos.

San Francisco

In contrast, the dream of each one is to gain money and to come back the land to live in better conditions of what the ones that had. The search is obliged job in another land, because in its it does not have. It travels fascinated for the news that arrive to it of the wealth of the River, So Paulo, of the farms of the Paran, the Mato Grosso of the south. (Garci’a, 1986,32 p). Therefore to be north-eastern alone will have a future, life of the stock market school and as much other stock markets offered for the federal government, this are the form as the Northeast is presented either in literature, in music or in it speaks of the tourist. The Northeast in literature is seen as ' ' historical – poltica' ' , therefore the great objective is to create and to spread out a concept that will go to classify the region, on figures the region would not be heroes, but only personages ridicule that would not have, no social or civilizatria importance, being these worried only about they themselves this literature it would have, in the truth, as bigger objective to divulge a culture, a population degraded for dries and conditions partners? economic that they humiliate the northeastern, presenting to the country an limited reality of the region, however is created a speech ' ' regionalista' ' in which &#039 is assigned to this; ' povo' ' a qualification of ' ' coitadinho' ' ou' ' discriminado' ' that without the aid of the federal government never it will go to win the subdesenvolvimento, dries, the hunger and the misery devastates that them. Beautiful speech adopted for an underdeveloped country. It will be that it needs the aid of the great world-wide powers to leave the subdesenvolvimento? This prejudiced and distorted image that was attributed to the Northeast is fruit of notice divulged for some medias or, exactly for a globalization that believed is far from arriving the region, become it incapable to be part of the capitalist market, a region geographically caused an accident it only becomes what it product cultural partner, therefore being its poor lands and a great part being hinterland where the misery is great the attractive one to the reporters will not be able to give its contribution in the process of economic development to the capitalism, then Garci’a places: Who porventura imagines to be the sertes desert sad northeasterns where only the cactis obtain to survive, it will frighten when coming across fertile parreirais ace immense edges of the San Francisco or and viosas plantations of tomatoes in fertile valleys irrigated for waters accumulated in great dams.

Servant People

A self-absorbed man is one who is deeply interested in himself. Imported only things like their appearance, your health, your money, your success, your entertainment. Falls into the trap of reading dozens of texts that supposedly tells you succeed in life. And at the same time the events of this world are indifferent. Apparently, the least that someone wanted to so is to serve others.

And does not realize that by their habits is the only thing that can happen. It not is forced to be a servile individual. Although in most cases unable to realize. After all it is too busy with his own person. But he cannot avoid the same real world that we all live. Others make and rolled back to her around. The world is changing all the time.

And the rest of humanity makes good and bad decisions. All issues that sooner or later end up constituting part of the mesmerized man’s life. The decisions and actions that one takes are conditioned by the environment. But due to apathy, these people leave that others are those who act on the world. While they stay all the time entertaining with strictly personal matters. They only think about their own development in their diet, in its exercises, your money, your security. Not realizing that other people are determining her life indirectly. The self-absorbed person not well known worldwide. You don’t know the history and you can barely locate on a map where is its own country. Anything claiming on their ancestors comes well. Ultimately she knows nothing about what happened before and not even cares. It is so surprisingly sold that ignores not only what happened in the past. Nor he knows almost nothing of what is happening right now in the world, perhaps not in their own nation. Especially external to it is easily deceived due to their ignorance. For this person, it is difficult to comment on anything other than herself. And it is therefore impossible that can guide others. Since nobody leaves was advised by someone you do not know the most important things. Its shortage of interests makes it prone to be manipulated. Simply put on the any threat and will yield. They also serve with the pledges and any trivial thing that pleases him personally. With any simplicity it can be pulled out of real activity. Already that these people not striking them things beyond a metre radius. In short, they use all their time to act on their own lives. And that is what explains that her personal story lacks importance. Some seek to stand out but do not succeed. Since only has real impact to the extent that the projects are also relevant for others. Study, learn, prepare, perfect yourself, take care of your personal interests. But you do not enajenes you from reality. That lifestyle has brought to collation for a reason. And it has been since it is valid not only characterize successful people. Since those goals is not achieved only chasing success, but also away from the failure.

New State

Thus the local elites had looked for to urbanizar the country without making a correlation with the transformation of the structures partners. One became essential, for we historians, the understanding of the reason of urbanism in Brazil looked for to create spaces for a modern society that not yet existed really. However, this can be explained through the customs of the life in Brazil during century XIX, in which the supplied individuals more tried to behave next possible to the European behavior, fruit of the contact of the Brazilians with the Europe in order to educate themselves or for other ends. This way of life bourgeois started to occur in same Brazil before industrialization, differentiating the urban population, not only economically, but also of one it forms cultural. This also could be understood from the analysis of the author of Sobrados and Mucambos, therefore it attempted against for the fact of that the europeizao and the social aburguesamento, stimulated for ideas that had had origin in a diverse social reality, arrived refracted, singularizando, since it did not have here nor a classic urbanization, nor a social group that could be considered as bourgeoisie, a time that the Brazilian society was only urbanizava and still she was marked for the escravismo.

Important to observe the development of the future decades that had contributed stops to strengthen the practical urbansticas in the country. Examples had been the impulsionamento of the New State in this process, as well as in the postwar period between 1946 and 1964, in the revolution civilian-military man, passing for the redemocratizao, at last, the national question was being retaken through intense quarrels throughout these years. Subjects of progress and modernity were generated in opposition to the subdesenvolvimento. Example of this can observe the inauguration of Brasilia, in 1960, that west propitiated a march it and the consequent territorial integration, excited heated debates that turned around the necessity of if spending as much money for its accomplishment and of arrojo of its modern and extremely advanced considered architecture.

Latin Americans

Had its influence, U.S.A. had passed over governments, for, of certain form, having access what they wanted and that she was and it is essential to its desenvolvimentista progress: mineral resources all the cost. For Simon Bolivar, while the American Latin countries if not to join in alone State politician, will not leave to serve us it the interests dominadores of U.S.A. For Hegel it had determined nations that would lead the others to the way of the freedom, from there the importance of this for the history of the world. But for Galeano it has nations that they had been developed more than others and they start to monopolize the external market and compels the industrialized countries less to serve its wills, mainly, with raw materials.

An example was the signed military agreement with the United States, in 1952, that it forbade Brazil to vender raw materials of strategical value? how the iron? to the socialist countries. due to these necessities, had provoked the Brazilian military regimen that all delivered to the iron and the remaining portion to a North American company. The oil continues being the main fuel of the countries that you put in march the world contemporary, a raw material of increasing importance for the chemical industry and the primordial strategical material for the military activities. Galeano affirms that the rich countries earn much more for if giving to the consumiz work it, of what the poor countries in produziz it. Galeano will argue in its workmanship that fits to these underdeveloped countries Latin Americans to nationalize the petroliferous reserves, therefore of the opposite, the taxes left in these producing countries for multinationals, is minimum, small low. Uruguay was the first country that created one state refinery of Latin America, 1931. Eduardo will say that the oil did not only provoke coup d etat in Latin America, more unchained a war, of the Chaco, 1932 the 1935.