Human Resources Center

The importance of the role of office space in the life companies demonstrate the results of a survey conducted this year, Human Resources Center "Unity." The study surveyed 100 middle and senior managers in age from 25 to 45 years. Respondents answered questions about the reasons for dismissal of employees on their own and the factors that led to this. It was found that one in three people retiring from the fact that the work he is experiencing chronic stress. To stress factors were identified, in particular, insufficient insulation, uncomfortable room temperature, and properly organized office lighting. Meet all the needs of staff is not easy: the rent is constantly growing, and the employer has to find new accommodation options of their employees.

Thus, the new office buildings, is almost never used "cabinet" layout. It is believed that it is very uneconomical in terms of effective use of "business" of square meters. At the same time, popular today, "open spaces" where all employees are sitting in the main hall, many of them do not like. "At work, we spend about 70% of their lives and want to have your own table on which you can put your mug, a photo of a loved one or child, pleasant souvenirs" – the director of "Plaza Developmentservis "Dmitry Agapkin. The most simple way to save money on rent and at the same time create an atmosphere of "privacy" for the staff are office partitions. Of course, one only only installing partitions for office comfort can not solve the problem.

A significant innovation in the practice of resettlement office is the creation of zones for rest and relaxation. This can be achieved by ordering easy and comfortable office furniture. In general we can say that came to us from the West the tendency to "domestication" office recently received increasing development. Traditionally, there is division on the premises for the life and work. There is nothing wrong with that second purchased some of the features first. "In every office we can create a corner of nature. Naked, ugly part of the floor for an hour will turn into a beautiful oasis "- the director of the Samara Interior floral design "Florence" Ales Skrypnik. The company believes that the plants should be a fixture not only domestic but also the office interior. Along with such circumstantial factors, there is a direct conditions necessary for high productivity workers, for example, good lighting jobs, proper selection of office furniture and comfortable atmosphere in the room

Interior Design House Bathroom Design Trends

The modern bathroom is not just a place to shower. After enlisting the help of an experienced designer or architect and technology of the 21 st century, in a bathroom can add your own personal spa – an office, a room for Morning make-up, and if there is sufficient space, and even a sauna with small swimming pool and TV. Bathrooms are becoming more technologically saturated with various appliances, gadgets, cutting-edge "smart" accessories. In addition, there are dozens of styles: classical, baroque, rococo, ethnic, country and retro … Which to choose? And what style to choose, so tastefully put all the technical equipment in your bathroom and This is not to spend extra finance. How and what can be saved in the repair of the bathroom? Let's try to consider all options for the actual finishing bath in 2011 in more detail.

If you are not ready to significant financial costs most suitable for your style may be minimalist, or modern hi-tech. Design a bathroom does not require the purchase of accessories, gold color, which could not be more suited to Baroque style. Wooden sinks and baths imitation of a rustic interior, too, will cost dearly, and not every store sells rare interior bathroom. In general, any solutions for today's styles do not usually go much higher. As relevant for 2011 will be eclectic – a style which allows to combine several designs and combine elements of different styles and value in the same room. And that means savings, excluding the most expensive items and replacing them with more affordable, but equally high quality. Here we must be able to adhere to the golden mean, because excess savings in plumbing, tile and accessories can lead to "poor" mean bathroom.