Wall Street Journal

Such position gives Google some 2% in the structure of his cash flow. Yes, not very nice to leave with what you already have. But is Google said it goes from China and will not return? Also, currently only less than a third of Chinese people involved in the Internet. Therefore, given its resources, Google reasonably thought that he will have another opportunity to capture its share of the audience. And that during the Sino-American conflict going on with Google in other markets? A what happens is that the media of the western world have worked tirelessly to create the Google brand is a fighter for justice and freedom of speech. This focus on the major news releases, editorials and covers the most influential publications, including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. Due to a busy position, the incredible scale advertising campaign did not cost a penny a search engine.

Thousands of commentators in their media around the world for several weeks discussing the right thing Google. As a result, , the search engine further strengthen its position in the markets of other countries. It should be noted, and the fact that free and, like, an independent advertising campaign has fallen quite handy. Indeed, in recent years have increasingly bright image of the company's innovation was to appear in a different context. About Google talking as a monopolist and the global information space of the controller.

So why not show the world that there is no threat from benevolent giant can not be, and the situation is quite the opposite. In the case of Google-China is not the defeated party. Google has strengthened the reputation of the tool, honestly reflects what is happening in the global cyberspace. And the creators and The owner of this wonderful instrument confirmed the image of the decent people who are not going to compromise in the fight against "evil" of which so often says Sergey Brin. Moreover, they are even willing to "sacrifice" their financial interests when it comes to justice. China is once again demonstrated to the world a brand of an independent country, following their own interests and not amenable to pressure from outside. Mir was able to confirm that the economic America's interest allows it to China to arrange the points in the political games. Copyright 2010 Valery Bo – personal brand navigator, MBA (UK). Author of books and articles on interpersonal communication and personal branding, participant More than a hundred television and radio programs (1 channel, NTV, Russia, TNT, the capital, Ren TV, ProDengi, CNN, BBC, etc.)

Tangible Financial Returns

Diversity of options for sporting pastime for today enables everyone to pick up just the same thing that he most strongly required. That is what brings the most pleasure. However, various types of intensive relaxation, not counting the most pleasure from some pastime or occupation, unable to deliver, and even very tangible financial returns. By a similar type of active recreation is acceptable ranked treasure. Do not want to think that this activity of human remains in a bygone past time. On the contrary, today the opportunity to dig a genuine treasure only grows. Since increasing the mechanical features. Time and again in the news there is detailed information on finding somewhere in the depths of the sea following the Portuguese galleon with the precious cargo on board.

Yet, the true treasure hunter in the course, not only in the depths of the ocean hidden treasures, they will find that those under their feet. Requires only a high-quality metal detector and optimism. Find the treasure really is essentially any space – in a grove, a meadow in the garden. And let not always be the chests of gold coins, and in addition and silver coins, and bronze accessories in addition to our ancestors as you are able to cost substantial sums. Moreover realize things get even in World War ii, albeit with the position of world history of civilization are not so valuable than, say, Old Jewelry. But to dream of jewelry could be translated into reality, one should at least buy a metal detector minelab and give free time to carry out exploratory activities.

Ideally, it should also apply to stored in archives detailed information to determine the most profitable area of research. In this case, the possibility of a positive outcome of the search can be much higher. And yet, from another point of view, can not help but remember the great Einstein, who believed that the great discovery does not necessarily make the man who owns a maximum of documented details, but the one of us who have more trust in other cues, in particular, his intuition. Although including the Listening to intuition, is particularly useful to pick up this equipment in order to realize the optimum number of chances. For example, for a novice may fit best metal detectors, such as fisher F2, Aka condor 3, scrag 5i, garrett ace 250, and others. These metal detectors are placed in a particularly low rastsenochnom section and are open to anyone. In addition, the structure of control they have is pretty easy, so it could learn to understand and layman. For experts only successfully be able to go for more than professional versions with a large number of functions – it's aka signum 7270, minelab X-TERRA 705, tesoro tejon, fisher F75 or aka signum 7272. For a much more advanced users can find and other equipment, which greatly improves performance search. And, most importantly, make pastime not only enjoyable, but also useful.

Interior Design House Bathroom Design Trends

The modern bathroom is not just a place to shower. After enlisting the help of an experienced designer or architect and technology of the 21 st century, in a bathroom can add your own personal spa – an office, a room for Morning make-up, and if there is sufficient space, and even a sauna with small swimming pool and TV. Bathrooms are becoming more technologically saturated with various appliances, gadgets, cutting-edge "smart" accessories. In addition, there are dozens of styles: classical, baroque, rococo, ethnic, country and retro … Which to choose? And what style to choose, so tastefully put all the technical equipment in your bathroom and This is not to spend extra finance. How and what can be saved in the repair of the bathroom? Let's try to consider all options for the actual finishing bath in 2011 in more detail.

If you are not ready to significant financial costs most suitable for your style may be minimalist, or modern hi-tech. Design a bathroom does not require the purchase of accessories, gold color, which could not be more suited to Baroque style. Wooden sinks and baths imitation of a rustic interior, too, will cost dearly, and not every store sells rare interior bathroom. In general, any solutions for today's styles do not usually go much higher. As relevant for 2011 will be eclectic – a style which allows to combine several designs and combine elements of different styles and value in the same room. And that means savings, excluding the most expensive items and replacing them with more affordable, but equally high quality. Here we must be able to adhere to the golden mean, because excess savings in plumbing, tile and accessories can lead to "poor" mean bathroom.

Betting Strategy

Sports Betting – This is their life style is not interesting to most players because of the low profitability, and to invest more money in human resources is a risky occupation. Therefore, immediately throws the strategy game completely second strategy games with a bookie in contrast to the first means the game on short money, risking up to half of the bank's player. Correctly playing on this strategy, a player can in a short time to double or triple the bank, make a left and again with a full bank to enter the game. When Capper longer enough choice with a good prognosis matches and at the counting rate system is feasible before approaching the type of betting strategy should be reviewed mistake most beginners players. The first error is popanizm. Pop – a player who is just on the favorites and loving build steam locomotives of the 20 events (on popanskom slang for a locomotive – it's express).

Go to any Sportsbook and you'll see these people, associates at 20 rubles to express a factor of 1000 or just flat, but on a grand scale, with many still popansky style of play and when they cease to be novices, this does not alter the psychology of people in terms of common sense, such a strategy is unpromising rates, if only because, if all> Members List won, the bookmakers would have simply collapsed. Bookmakers make a sensation! The second error is the passion and the greed of players. How are they manifested? The whole point of human psychology.

WebMoney Payment

How to choose the "right" bookie? Before you start betting on sports or to change tack, it makes sense to gather some information about the office. Now the majority of firms (if not all) accept bets via the Internet there and to look for information about them. Before you register at the bookmaker (the Internet) and make a deposit into your account, note the following: Solvency office. This is perhaps the most important of the parameters. Try to understand how reliable this bookmaker.

Popular is he? As far as he is known? Can I trust him with money? Does he pay after winning the bid? You can check this in different ways. For example, digging on the Internet. Read opinions and stories of personal experience of different players. In the end, just ask the opinion of the office on specialized forums dedicated to sports betting. If several people complained about the non-payment or delayed payment of the grave, something of a bookmaker, it is better to refuse. Choose a few good options. Line.

Pay attention to the diversity of the line bookmaker. If the firm allows posed not only by leading the league, but on a more modest (2-nd and the third division championship in England, for example), then this is a big plus. Some bookmakers have very "poor" line, so look for the office, which enables bet on the largest possible number of events in a variety of sports. Do not play with the bookmakers, who offer only a few sports, or are often excluded from the line matches with the participation of favorites. Rules. Please carefully read the rules of betting bookmaker. Do not neglect it. Some firms are very confusing and unclear wording, so call, write, ask if something is not clear. And pay attention to how quickly and accurately respond to you. Coefficients. Notice how different factors at the same event in comparison with other bookmakers? Strongly if the bookmaker changes exhibited coefficients, and the number of days before the match he puts them? Know that even if rates change, you should get to win on those ratios that existed at the time of the product bid. Methods of payment. Bookie must support a variety of payment methods – credit cards, bank transfers, electronic payment systems, primarily WebMoney. The maximum gain. Check to see if the bookie has limited the maximum gain is too low amount. For the average player is usually not essential, but for the players on a grand scale, which put five-figure sum, it may be important.

Betting On Football

Any person, any football fans, sooner or later arise in the mind of the word "tote" and "bookmaker". Your betting – that in itself is almost sport. Excitement, joy of victory, competition component – the world's football betting are all present in full measure. At the same time it is not just guesswork, or walking with the vine over the standings (though it's a little too ) – first and foremost, a game of betting offices requires a player to be an analyst. It is impossible to predict the outcome of a match or the number of angles, for example, not being an expert on football. State of the team at this particular moment, the alignment of the tournament, the previous statistics meetings, the characteristic features of games away or at home – it's a sea of information requires a detailed, thorough study. It was only after a comprehensive analysis comes the turn of intuitions. In fact, it is not too lightly – put, guided by intuition.

Any player that has let even a little experience playing in a bookmakers, there must exist a couple of stories about how "" brought a lot of money. Check the veracity of these stories is difficult, and therefore have to believe every word. But the most effective way to use flair – not to put on intuition. This is no joke – it so happens that everything seems to be coming true, the alignment obvious, but something seemed to hold the rate, some inner voice warned.

The Secret Of Field / Place Betting

Pssst … Want to know a secret? And the secret to profit from the country / place combination bets? The field bet, when used alone, is not a good bet. Must be used with other bets or a progression to make it profitable for the crapshoot experience. These seven different field numbers (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12) can make a total of only 16 times, leaving 20 for the other numbers. If a 5, 6, 7 or 8 rolls is lost. So if you place a field bet on himself, will win 16 times and lose 20 times (in 36 rolls theoretical). And, the field is only worth 1:1 – that is, if you bet $ 5, you win $ 5. For example, if you bet $ 5 on the field and 4 rolls, you win only $ 5 (1:1) instead of $ 9 (9:5) who would win if you place 4.

Want to know the secrets the pros use to make money given from the field or place of gambling? Let's see! The numbers seven field can make a total of 16 times. The 6 and 8 can be rolled ten o'clock times, four times on 5 and 7 on six occasions. So if you bet on the 5, 6 and 8, in addition to the field, you can win 30 times (16 + 10 + 4) and losing only to the 7, which is rolled six times. You can put $ 25 in 5, $ 30 at 6 and 8 and $ 20 in the field. If 5, 6 or 8 roll, you win $ 35 and lose $ 20, giving a profit of $ 15. If the roll of 2 or 12, you win $ 40 (field pays double on 2 and 12). And if the 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 'roll, you win $ 20. The trick to this, of course, is not leaving everything so you can get hit by the 7.

You must wait for one eats out seven before making this bet, leave all bets until only one shot, and then take everything down. Then wait for another that comes to 7 before starting to gamble again. For smaller wads of cash, place the 5 for $ 5, 6 and 8 for $ 6 each, and $ 2 in the field. Once again wait for eating out in July, first, and leave their bets until only one shot. You will earn $ 2 in 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11, $ 5 ($ 7 – $ 2) at 5, 6 or 8, and $ 4 at 2 or 12. The next time you want to bet in, try to betting the field too – but only for a roll! Pssst … Now you know the secrets of the area / place betting! The crapshoot e 2005 by Larry Edell Larry Edell is the editor of the Bulletin of crapshoot, the only newsletter devoted exclusively to craps. You can get a FREE sample issue by sending two first class stamps to crapshoot, Department of EZA, PO Box 421 440, San Diego, CA 92 142, or you can subscribe to

Las Vegas

Those with more time who want more involvement with nature should consider visiting Antarctica or the Arctic regions (which ideally would have about three weeks). So perhaps the last in a long distance cruise around the world cruise, which normally take three to four months (most ships offering complete around the world cruises there are about 15 in 2005 sail between January and April away from winter). Norma: Have you had a bad experience on a cruise, and if so, please describe. Douglas: I had many bad experiences, but most of them can not be written, and most have been aboard ships and cruise lines that no longer exist or have changed their names. However, there have been some nasty transatlantic crossings (I have done 152 of them), when the weather can throw some unexpected wrenches into what normally is perhaps a wonderfully relaxing way to travel between the Old and New Worlds. Norm: After deciding on a special cruise, how do you think of the cruise and what important elements you should look for? Douglas: Make sure you choose the perfect size ship for your needs. Want to be with 100, 500, 1000, or 3000 other passengers? Want to experience cruising under sail, the especialistaprofesores cruise on board a ship with spa facilities, programs for large-scale production (in the style of Las Vegas), lots of gambling, or shopping opportunities? Whatever cruise you choose, try to make travel arrangements as simple as possible. Sometimes the simple act of going to and from your chosen cruise ship (or embarkation point) can be frustrating.

The Exchange

It felt only and only during the actual income – the occurrence of pleasure as it excites Sensors vessel. For example, we bought the apartment. While there is new to us (for our vessel) pleasure from the contemplation of itself, from its facilities, etc. – our desire to experience pleasure. But after a few months, these feelings blunted. And again we have to start chasing the next delight. A mortgage will have to return twenty-five to thirty years. How to achieve the continuous enjoyment of continuous flow of pleasure a vessel desires? In the era of subsistence economy, each family (clan) was filled with their wishes on their own, without interacting with others.

Later, people realized that the more effectively it can be done by filling specialization and exchange the products of labor, through the exchange of pleasures. Figuratively speaking, between the vessels appeared tubes for circulation of pleasure. However, due to nature of selfish desires of each vessel (people) wanted 'Suck' more than to give. As a result, each 'sucked' enjoyment, as much as he could, and circulation has stopped. Remained the only way to get extra pleasure – take it away from others by competition hatred and war. This is the cause of global crisis. Thus, the path of 'sucking' a pleasure led to the cessation of their more or less normal income. But the force vector can be the desire to change, modify the 'suction' to myself 'Transfer' out. However, if it will make only a few vessels, the rest quickly and happily lick them.

Standby Mode

Luminous remote control. Illuminated buttons make it easier to find and use the remote control, even in complete darkness. The glow comes from the natural luminescent material, so the batteries are not needed here. Soft Dry mode. This mode allows you to reduce the humidity and cool it slightly, not at the same time lowering the temperature too much, not to disrupt a healthy climate in the room. When the air conditioner starts to operate in this mode, it gently dries and cools the air until the temperature in the room did not go down by 1 degree of the setting.

After that, the fan automatically turns on and off every 6 minutes to prevent hypothermia. This feature is extremely convenient for use in regions with high humidity. Creating a personal air stream. You can combine the proposed scheme of vertical and horizontal control air flow as desired to create for themselves the most comfortable conditions. The remote control helps you easily perform this operation, even if you are at the opposite end of the room. Air flow, directed upwards and downwards -5 typical circuits + Auto.

Airflow directed to the right and left -5 typical circuits + Auto. Exchanger Blue Fin. The performance of the air conditioner to a large extent depend on the state of its exchanger, which are harmful to the salty air, wind, rain, dust and other factors that cause corrosion. Panasonic managed to triple the life of your heat exchanger by applying to them the original anti-corrosion coating. Thanks to this cover exchangers Panasonic are much longer than traditional models – and you will be able to for many more years to enjoy the comfort and receive additional savings from operation of your air conditioner. Test Function. If a fault occurs the unit will automatically diagnose the problem and display the corresponding alphanumeric code. This allows faster identify and correct the fault or damage to the air conditioner. Standby mode. At very low ambient temperature in the compressor oil can thicken because of what is usually a problem with the launch of the compressor. Standby Mode helps to eliminate this problem by sending current to the compressor to keep it in working condition, when the outside temperature drops below the 3 C As a result, the compressor starts easily even in the cold day. * If you prefer, you can disable this feature. Automatic restart. If the power supply is resumed after the interruption in the supply system, the device automatically restarts, and all specified settings are stored by the memory function. Thus, there is no need to re-do all the installation. In addition, prevents overloading the electrical circuit that could occur while inclusion of several blocks. All components are restarted after an arbitrarily selected time intervals, based on typical circuits. * This feature is not activated, if you set the timer or sleep. Removable washable cover. You it will be easy to keep clean the front air conditioner. It can be easily removed in one go and clean with plain water. Clean front panel increases the efficiency of the device, which in turn helps to save electricity. Maintenance of access through the top panel. The upper panel of the outdoor unit is easily removed, allowing you to quickly, easily and safely perform maintenance conditioner.