Because although we continue giving our trust to the system and grasp of him, at the same time distrust of him and even We know that it is no longer sustainable. Many people to live at ease they would want or work less or earn more, and this is the majority of the population in the entire planet and many more would like at least some opportunity to be productive. Runs the blind rumor that economy is decaying, even says that capitalism has to fall and give way to the old systems of Exchange and barter to live and these are the events that should come predicted by prophecy. And it is believed more in those lies and least propositional systems that generate real change. The truth is that there are many prophecies that say various things and the truth is that it is economic system already does not work in any way (if you ever worked in any way).Truth also is that the economy has had people impoverished from the beginning of time and little has evolved in that aspect. But still believed the lie that we have evolved a lot. And the only truth is that this economy retrograde and based on the gain of few at the expense of many is a total disaster for the daily life of the average of a human being in the whole planet, because adults (and even many children in some countries) do battle (they struggle, they wage war) fairly daily to achieve independence, freedom, security and peace of mind by itself in the financial aspect of his life and loved or even to be able to help the entire community. So it is a real disaster you might say at the bottom of everything, the cause of the violence, hatred and sadness that lingers in a large part of the population, must be due to that retrograde system and selfish. .

Accomodation Possibilities

All accommodation in Mendoza possibilities possibilities All accommodation in Mendoza Mendoza is one of the more mature hotel rooms in Argentina. With private sector investment during the last five years have built plenty of accommodations in Mendoza and quality hotels. One of these new developments that have revolutionized the industry of accommodation in Mendoza is the Diplomatic Park Suites. This four star luxury hotel has taken a step further in terms of quality of service. Conceived and designed to ensure a satisfying experience for the user total, the Diplomatic is able to offer a wide range of services, more than any accommodation in Mendoza. Le Diplomatic staff are specially trained in professions in the hospitality industry.

Her warmth and kindness are distinctive, as well as throughout the rest of the population of Mendoza. In the Diplomatic, the passenger can receive care in three different languages all day, every day. Within what Hotels in Mendoza considered superior on Diplomatic be outstanding for several reasons, including the level of equipment of the rooms. There are 178 rooms on 19 floors, the smallest of which has 32 square meters. All rooms come equipped with plasma TV, individual air conditioning and heating and a working area with a desk for two people.

The Presidential Suite has a meeting room for ten people. As for the cuisine that has Diplomatic flange, again, we find no parallel in other accommodation in Mendoza. The restaurant La Bourgogne, the only Relais & Gourmand in Argentina, provides an option of first class cuisine, with dishes representing international cuisine. You can also enjoy typical dishes from the rich traditional cuisine of Argentina. But before you receive this delicious dinner, passengers can have a relaxing time at the Wine Tasting Room, a place specially designed to enjoy the finest Argentine wines. By So when Mendoza tell us about accommodation in top quality, the Diplomatic Hotel and Suites is the right place. The possibilities are endless. It is possible to organize meetings and events for up to 230 people in the Imperial Hall. Imagine how they may be seminars, regional meetings, presentations or sales in such an environment. It is also possible to have the latest multimedia equipment. Catering service can also be provided by the Diplomatic Hotel. In short, when it comes to accommodation in Mendoza Premium level, the Diplomatic Park Suites is the smart choice.

Investmentprotecting Innovation

Fat clients remain the company but flexible virtualization Leverkusen, 31.03.2011 – given the currently diverse new technological influences on the desktop architectures the consultancy recommends Centracon, a systematic and medium-term innovation strategy to develop rather than modernist individual activities. This ensures a higher investment security with regard to the technical structures according to the consultants, at the same time prevents a driven by current topics and expensive strategy. The most discussed innovations for desktop management, Centracon counts as mobile use applications, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and the automation of service processes, liberalization of the devices in the enterprise and cloud computing for the operation of the client infrastructure. Given the long list of possible innovations and fundamental potential of change in must have a clear roadmap, the both the existing technical and organizational conditions taken into account as a red thread function draws the successive innovation process”, says Centracon CEO of Robert Gallant. An overall understanding of what will be effective for requirements and how they then gradually can be implemented in a coordinated manner is necessary in a first step.” As an example, he calls the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The conventional Terminal technology and normal client installations would probably not obsolete over the longer term, but VDI was first to be understood as a complementary technology. It will give no Virtualisierungsrevolution, but an evolutionary process to take place”, emphasizes Galstyan. Here it comes to deliberate ways in the future by using the existing structures.” This goal the solution concept serves smart workplace architecture”by Centracon.

It supports on the one hand there, where previously monolithic desktops with their infrastructure-dependent conditions have resulted in organizational or technical restrictions. On the other hand it does but also a complete repudiation of fat clients, because they continue to retain their permission by certain operational requirements in some functional areas. Through modularisation and virtualization, they can be made but more flexible in their use profile. The core of smart workplace architecture objective is that the employees dynamically provided a location-independent access to applications and data, modular services through automated processes and IT – related jobs with task-specific performance profiles available. Providing central or virtual applications and workstations enables Modularization, which breaks up today’s standard inflexible mapping applications and job creation to users”, emphasizes Galstyan. This may be his statements according to realized with a smart concept are, the company flexibly and in modular increments the range of their desktop structures can develop. “The smart workplace architecture” complemented therefore classical mechanisms for the client and software management solutions such as centralization, virtualization and streaming. Conceptually and with an own automation framework they are coordinated so that maximum synergy can be generated.

About Centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts.


Transport or transportation is called (from the Latin trans, “across, and portare,” led “) to moving people or goods from one place to another.In this sense includes many concepts, of which the most important are infrastructure, vehicles and operations. Transportation can also be distinguished by the possession and use of the network.On one side is the public transport on which means that vehicles can be used by any person upon payment of a sum of money. For another, it is private transport, one that is acquired by individuals and whose use is restricted to their respective owners. In English is called “transit” to public transport and “traffic” to private transport. However, in Castilian not make this distinction, being used the words “transit” and “trafficking” interchangeably to refer to the movement of vehicles, while it is called “heavy transport” freight traffic and freight.

US Foreign Debt

U.S. has "astronomical" in an amount not maturing foreign debt. To prevent further collapse in the economy, need huge additional funds. Take them nowhere, and printed machine will be included on a regular basis, discounting the already "weightless" dollar. When and what it all end? Result is the collapse of the Anglo-American financial system, and the disappearance of the dollar as currency. It will happen after the announcement of U.S. default and the division of property that, once a mighty empire, among the creditors.

That, in this situation, in any case should not be done in Russia? Export their products and, primarily, energy for U.S. dollars. "Better", at least, more secure, distribute the "free", has been agreed conditions than to sell for dollars. Should be rapidly and radically change the monetary policy, strengthened the ruble at times, to against the dollar. Otherwise impaired, the dollar collapsed, bury themselves under the ruble, which is already, at thirty-five times cheaper than him.

Everyone is asking: where is the bottom of this crisis, and when we reach it? He has generally not bottom, or rather the bottom is, but it's the bottom lift, in which we all are. Elevator went down, pressing the printing press, and each, a subsequent press will hasten his flight into the abyss. Who was the first "come off", he will break smaller than the others. All remaining in the elevator – an eternal memory, and a pleasant flight. Civilizational crisis. This is a crisis of public relations and, above all the state system. ick here.

Christian Baumler

CDU social committees sit getting employers out of the health insurance companies from the CDU social committees (CDA) reject the freezing of the employer contribution in the statutory health insurance in the South West. Negotiating group on health of the future black-yellow coalition proposes to freeze the employer’s contribution at 7% and for it to release the additional contribution of workers. The workers would have to bear alone in future cost increases in health care. The employee’s contribution could rise in 2010 to 9 per cent. “Workers and retirees may be not left alone with the increases in costs in the health care sector. Who dismisses the employer responsibility for funding of health, strengthens the position of health lobbyists and in particular the pharmaceutical industry. The interests of employers on health care in the operation thereby not greater, “the CDU land Chairman criticizes social committees Christian Baumler. The CDA Chairman suggests the deficit in health insurance in the next two years through budgetary resources to cover and then the contribution assessment ceiling of the statutory health insurance scheme gradually to the pension insurance to raise: “During the economic crisis to increase any taxes.”.