The Lake Of Alpine Mountains Invites You To The Season Finale

Natural fun in the Nagelfluhkette nature park with the maximum year-round toboggan run in Germany Immenstadt, 24.10.2011 – Winter is coming already powerful steps, but the summer season is not over 2011: Golden Autumn weather enjoy now is the motto! And where is that better than in the Lake of Alpine mountains, which is open daily with all facilities including 6 November from 9: 00. “2011 at a fast-paced trip with Germany’s longest year-round toboggan run Alpsee coaster” or on a climbing trip in Bavaria’s largest high ropes course, at the end of the summer season the motto applies again: pure fun! ” For the whole family, because it offers attractions for all ages. The Alpsee coaster”leads with a length of less than three kilometers from the mountain station of the chair lift down to the cafe-restaurant toboggan host” directly to the parking lot. For more specific information, check out Mary Barra. On the track, nearly 350 metres to overcome difference. Awaiting the visitors 68 curves, 23 shaft, 7 jumps and 4 bridges and ensure ensure that the drive is still going in memory remains.

High it’s bear trap, however, in the climbing forest’. 16 different courses can be guaranteed to prevent boredom. Continue to learn more with: Mary Barra. “Children can already storming the tops from the age of 6 years and be smart with the innovative system belay” backed up. “Hiking enthusiasts and get to the end of the season also their money: the well-developed network of Alpine Lake mountains leads through the middle of the unique nature park Nagelfluhkette” and offers carefree relaxation in a beautiful natural setting. And the wide gastronomic range ensures a perfect start and the cosy conclusion of the day. The Lake of Alpine mountains is open daily with all facilities until November 6, 2011. On the following weekends until end of November are the chairlift and the Alpsee coaster of then Saturday and Sunday in operation, when the weather also the climbing forest bear trap is open.

For more information about the services and attractions of the Lake of Alpine mountains as well as for the exact opening times, see also on the Internet at. Your contact partner: fixedmind GmbH & co. KG Mr. Heiko Joos Hanah long initial breed 35 87527 Sonthofen Tel.: + 49 (0) 8321 6761550

Federal Holidays Act

Looking for dog friendly holiday accommodation is difficult, but now there is help. The man living with the dog for several thousand years. Scientists are not in agreement, whether for 15,000 or 100,000 years. The relationship between humans and dogs has changed drastically in recent decades. With the decline of agriculture (farmyard), classic sheep farm (herding) and the abolition of the nobility (lap dog) the dog has become, at least in Germany a valued family member. The society has changed in the last 60 years.

Was the exception before a holiday with the family more, so the awakening began with the Federal Holidays Act 1963 into a new era. In the sixties with their beetles, thousands swarmed to Italy to enjoy the Sun, beach and Italian specialties. No wonder, because instead of like in the fifties, where 12 days could take advantage of holidays per year and usually at home spent them, were now 24 days when salary available to the even contiguous use should and could. Dogs on holiday were time not an issue. Apart from some wealthy citizens of prosperity, which drove the Fifi in the Mercedes South, had the most ordinary citizens no dog, but children. The average family had no place for a four-legged friend.

The demographic development and urbanization led to an all maelichen transformation of society. The extended family, which was the social standard for centuries, disappeared with the advent of industrialisation and the decline of agricultural holdings. Families settled in the vicinity of the jobs, they lived in rented apartments, which were “particularly family-friendly” and thus for a couple with children place, offered rather than live as previously together on the Court, which fed the family. The dog lost also its historical places of work, only bullet guided dogs continue to be their traditional tasks, occasionally there are still herding dogs, the guard dog in use at the Police and the drug-sniffing dog has to do too good today.

Just Cheboksary

On the map were marked all the sights, museums address with phones running time and the interesting point. The time was noon, and, as the saying goes 'War-war, and the lunch schedule', right at the sign on the main street I turned to all the well-known fast-food diner, located in the heart of the city. Sitting at a table on a summer porch, beautiful view of the reservoir, a red square with 46-meter monument to Mother, prostrate their hands over the city. The monument was unveiled May 9, 2003, on a pedestal adorn these words: 'Blessed are my children, living in peace and love'. What can I say? Hot! But the bite was over, the car decided to leave the parking lot and continue inspection on foot. Interest in Cheboksary enough. This and the above mentioned memorial mother, and a local Arbat – Boulevard merchant Ephraim. By the way, Merchant Efremov very colorful personality.

About him in walking this story: As Procopius Efremov was one of the most famous and richest men in Cheboksary, he loved to work, first to reach the rank of merchant of the first Guild of Chuvash. But the man he was simple, and dressed not in style, but as an ordinary peasant. Once on the boat was sailing in first class. Richly dressed people were outraged that they went near a peasant. Someone even complained to the captain asking him to save them from society. At the next stop the captain announced: "Ladies and gentlemen! I ask you to leave the ship, Sir, Efremov, it was bought and then he wants to follow you no '… His photo can be seen in the National Museum and in this article.

Just Cheboksary is home to the world-famous kom.diva Chapaev. He is devoted to a museum and memorial. In general I visit the Chuvash National Museum (Red Square, D5) and, if possible, book a tour there, then we can get acquainted with the life of the people of Chuvashia, listen to folk songs and even touch the history of this region. If weather permits, you can stroll along the waterfront clicking on the pedestrian bridge, thrown over the bay. The bridge is just the thing to the Monument of the mother. Quay is a popular place for young people, with its beautiful view. Next to it is possible to reach the Holy Trinity Monastery (St. Konstantin Ivanov, D1) in the church of Our Lady was the first step is the image of St. Nicholas. This is a carved wooden image of St Nicholas of Mozhaisk, the icon height = 1.5 meters. With that linked a belief that if someone fool in front of that image, 'that on the third day the earth will'. Previously here led to the interrogation of criminals, and checking under the impression that things are resolved with the help of icons, without charge or trial. Yes … Many strange and mysterious land of Russian stores. Friends! I invite you to visit this fascinating corner, as correctly stated in the proverb: 'Better to see once than hear a hundred times. " Spirited you travel! See photos and read the original report can be in: Software-DOROZHKAM.RF