It is the suffering of the man who assumes, ahead of the loved one, the paper of vassal, the servant. The woman becomes distant, inaccessible, coming close itself to the medieval cult to the Immaculate one. As the conventions of the love gracious, the trovador does not disclose the name of the lady, but mia gentleman launches hand of conventional expressions -, mia owner (mine lady) expressions these that serve to identify cantiga of love. 3.3.CANTIGA OF FRIEND: The roots of cantiga of friend meet in the folclricas traditions of the proper Iberian peninsula, reason for which is more spontaneous than of love. The trovador, so to speak, mounts a scene, where the central figure is a woman who speaks of the loving suffering, in sight of the absence of the friend (boyfriend). The boyfriends appear the same in feeling level, in contrast of cantiga of love. We can observe realism traces, a certain narrative tone, but what more flame the attention is the descriptive aspect of these cantigas. The expression that identifies this modality of the trovadoresca poetry is mia gentleman, or mio friend.

A time that if it inspires in popular reasons, obeys a simpler structure, using refro. Already parallelism consists of repeating with variant minims thought the same. In agreement with the environments that portray, they are classified in: Pastorales (pastoral life), Pilgrimages (religious peregrinations), Barcarolas (maritime landscape) and Bailias (bailados dances and). 3.4.CANTIGAS SATIRICAL: They are divided in two parts: ) Cantiga de Escrnio – she is that one that makes critical to shunting lines of the social behavior tax for the time. The satire is indirect, dosed between the irony and the sarcasm. b) Cantiga de Maldizer – the direct one predominates critical and the irreverncia appears of the first one to the last line of the poem. It can reach exactly an offence degree, becoming to be valid a coarse language.

International Monetary Fund

Still it must be voted by the Parliament. For the public sector it contemplates lower pays, dismissals, more labor hours and elimination of the allowance increments. It raises the privatization of the assets of the State and to trim the social benefits, the pensions and, for the first time in thirty years, the cost in armament. Also more imposing for the independent ones and the goods of luxury. Two years in the financial abyss: the Greek crisis, step by step.

The Greek Cabinet approved east Wednesday the law project that contains the unpopular set of austerity measures and privatizations for 78,000 million Euros. The law project will have to arrive at the plenary session from the Parliament the next Monday or Tuesday and being submissive voting for its approval Thursday from the next week, according to indicated the Executive in an official notice. In the Cabinet Greek prime minister, Yorgos Papandru, presented/displayed to his ministers the law proposals that accompany the package by measures, and in the meeting Friday was decided that they are sent to the commission of Finances of the Parliament. The minister of Finances, Evangelos Venizelos, announced that east Thursday with js of the mission of the EU will meet, the IMF and of the European Central bank (BCE) in Athens. The final version of the project of law with the measures that will have to vote the Parliament heleno hopes that it is publicadaeste Thursday. Conditional aid the Eurogroup decided the concession to Athens the fifth section of international aid of 12,000 million Euros, but its delivery to the approval by the Greek Parliament of the law submitted that will allow to start up the new plan of adjustment before the 3 of July. After the vote of confidence of Tuesday at night, obtained alone by the majority of socialist deputies, Papandru and Venizelos, they are now prepared to fulfill the exigencies of the European Union, the European Central bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Railway Elements

INTRODUCTION the railway infrastructure Administration, as well as any other organism that is trustworthy for the supervision of the railway system, is responsible for the construction of the most innovating infrastructures, than usually they are financed by the Government, as well as the service load of maintenance throughout all the railway system so that they are in the state adapted for its use as much for the conventional trains as those of high speed, as well as the calls " of carga" used essentially for marine transport services. This task cannot be realised if the Administration or organism at issue are not equipped with sufficient technological resources so that it can choose to certify and to validate to his suppliers and thus to equip to the infrastructure of the necessary quality for a so delicate and strategic sector as the railroader. The multiplication of the speeds reached about the trains that are at this moment operative has given rise to an important multiplication of the dynamic tensions that tracks and all the elements of anchorage must resist. Therefore, the purchase of any material, equipment or system it will have to be put under demanding tests, that they are carried out in order to verify that they are adapted and to confirm that they fulfill all the requirements that are demanded. In view of the fact that the components are not standard and vary much from a supplier to another one, not only in his form but also that in his composition (metals, polymers, ceramic and composed), he is essential to carry out independent tests in each of them, as well as tests as a whole, in order to assure that they respond to all the elements suitably that interact to each other. Nowadays, the fact that the provided materials are solid and resistant it is not sufficient, but also they are forced to provide to the passengers a greater comfort FATIGUE TESTS IN WELDS OF MEETINGS OF HIGH SPEED IN ROUTES FERRAS Hay a series of differences between habitual welds and the welds that are used in the routes of the railroad: composition, the types of tension to that they are put under, the processes of weld, etc These detailed characteristics will force to realise the exact mechanical tests to make sure that the weld process is correct and that the mechanical properties of the joint are adapted.