For Liberals

Castro was not consolidated in Palace running to hundreds of thousands. Another peculiarity is that the Cuban revolution was not led by a Communist Party, but by a group of dissidents of Orthodox nationalism, which did not have the initial sympathy official Communist Party. When castrated celebrated her 32 birthday he was one of young Latin Americans who came to power. Then he declared anti-communist and supporter of a democracy type USA. However, his revolution was radicalized. After that USA set a fee for the purchase of Cuban sugar, Castro is launched to expropriate US $ 850 million of American property.

After the defeat of the invasion organized by the CIA at the Bay of pigs, Castro decides to transform into Marxist-Leninist. In February 1962 the OAS headed by Washington declares the trade blockade against Cuba and then the missile crisis in which almost Cuba detonates the III World War breaks out. Turning to the left of Castro was encouraged by pressure from their bases and the international scene, by tough U.S. attitude and express interest that took the USSR created a base a few miles away from us in order to neutralize the military camps that the Pentagon had watered in several neighboring countries. In 1966 when Fidel serving half his current life, he had made a fundamental change. The democratizing guerrilla had become the architect of the only planned and estatizada economy that has occurred in the Americas. Castro did something never dared to make a Latin American ruler (and that is not possible they can do today Chavez or Morales): expropriate private entrepreneurs and establish an estatizada economy subject to a five-year plan. In this economy you vetoed the generation of capital and money acquired a value change or accounting but not served to acquire properties, land or factories. For Liberals, his regime destroyed freedoms and the possibility that Cuba will become a magnet for foreign investment.

The Income

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Wow Wow

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I will call to Pepi to exit or better stay with Lucy? Y etc. Etc. etc. Let us not remain single or in the superficial, brain not being spent by using it a lot and it is a pity that a perfect machine hardly used, some even have it virtually intact when they put the costume of pine. Should try to get as a drill into that mysterious and exciting path that is self and dig and deepen although many times do not like what you see, although sometimes there is who has been a pleasant surprise, Wow Wow, not I thought that this could leave me!. Even some feel important by giving an unexpected touch of intelligentsia is going to allow peek to an unknown world, the knowledge, but from there, until arriving at the Summit of wisdom is a very long stretch that not all are able to carry out.