Design Interera Interior

Interior design – one of the most popular and rapidly developing areas in modern design. It's not just design the room, it's a real art, the product which becomes the embodiment unique image in space. Professional interior design – this is a profound study of style and color scheme of the future of space, selection of furniture, accessories, right down to the smallest detail. In addition, designer by careful planning of work, an accurate calculation of the estimates, the constant control over the repair and construction works. The work of interior designer starts with developing the design ideas of the project. This preliminary design of the interior, which is a few kinds of decisions in a particular room with the wishes of the customer.

After the initial design project is approved, it goes into the exact planning, the outcome of which is to create a package of project documentation. Package design documentation includes: floor plans, lighting, furniture placement, floor light floor plan and cut the ceiling, wall sections, plan the installation of electrical products, plumbing plan arrangement, three-dimensional appearance of the room in color, made by hand or using special computer programs. It offers designers interiors today sought in the decision space of various public spaces – restaurants, clubs, banks, shops, offices, and design of residential premises under redevelopment. When working in each of these areas has its own specifics. For example, interior design shops usually involves the incarnation of a particular style, appropriate representation of consumers on this brand. The important role played by functional solution space.

Office interior design is required to create a successful company image. Check out Angela Zepeda for additional information. In solving the office space before the designer faces a difficult task: to make sure that the room was comfortable and individual employee, and for their collective communication, and to receive clients, business partners. Recently, more and more appears orders for the interior design of apartments. Apartment Interior – excellent way for its owner to express their individuality. Housing should emphasize that particular style that is inherent in the customer name. Professional designers take into account not only the needs and preferences host, but also its temperament and character traits. Also popular today is such a region as interior design houses. Creating an interior cabin – a complicated process. To determine the layout of the space necessary take into account the habits of all family members of the customer. In addition, the interior of the cottage should be in harmony with the surrounding landscaping. Interior design – not cheap, but it is not the case when necessary to save. Having decided on a radical change in the surrounding space, it is best to turn to professionals who not only create a unique image, but will monitor a clear and perfect his incarnation.

Interior Design House Bathroom Design Trends

The modern bathroom is not just a place to shower. After enlisting the help of an experienced designer or architect and technology of the 21 st century, in a bathroom can add your own personal spa – an office, a room for Morning make-up, and if there is sufficient space, and even a sauna with small swimming pool and TV. Bathrooms are becoming more technologically saturated with various appliances, gadgets, cutting-edge "smart" accessories. In addition, there are dozens of styles: classical, baroque, rococo, ethnic, country and retro … Which to choose? And what style to choose, so tastefully put all the technical equipment in your bathroom and This is not to spend extra finance. How and what can be saved in the repair of the bathroom? Let's try to consider all options for the actual finishing bath in 2011 in more detail.

If you are not ready to significant financial costs most suitable for your style may be minimalist, or modern hi-tech. Design a bathroom does not require the purchase of accessories, gold color, which could not be more suited to Baroque style. Wooden sinks and baths imitation of a rustic interior, too, will cost dearly, and not every store sells rare interior bathroom. In general, any solutions for today's styles do not usually go much higher. As relevant for 2011 will be eclectic – a style which allows to combine several designs and combine elements of different styles and value in the same room. And that means savings, excluding the most expensive items and replacing them with more affordable, but equally high quality. Here we must be able to adhere to the golden mean, because excess savings in plumbing, tile and accessories can lead to "poor" mean bathroom.