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Tobias Janssen said the Advisory mandate for Celtic property development S.A. is a good example, that an IPO for many medium-sized companies could be a very attractive choice. A smaller company must not have Yes a market capitalisation of almost 400 million euros, as is the case with Celtic. Just companies that are still in the process of growth, can significantly speed up the achievement of its objectives through an IPO.” This would be not only financial and accounting objectives in the focus, but sales and marketing ideas, as well as the recruitment goals are at least as important. By tapping into the fast-growing Polish market result of exciting new opportunities for goldfish Holings, Inc. and its partners. We are excellently prepared for the consultation business and appreciate the challenge with other partners to successfully plan a strategic listing and to implement, “said Janssen.

Learn more about Goldfish holdings, Inc. Founded in 2002 by Tobias Janssen, goldfish Holdings Inc. established itself as equity. This was followed by the development of a team of experienced business consultants and strategic partners in the United States and Europe. 2005 re-defined is the GOLDFISH HOLDINGS, INC. as a venture management organization (VMO) and opened up new market opportunities. Meanwhile, the GOLDFISH is HOLDINGS, INC. not only all over the world involved in companies for alternative energies, biotechnology and telecommunications, but also a successful consulting firm, which is active in particular in the area of capital markets.

Since June 2006, the goldfish Holdings Inc. on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and in the XETRA is listed. Goldfish holdings, Inc. 44 Wall Street, 12th floor New York, NY 10005 United States phone: 001-212-461 7110 fax.: 001-212-461 2223 E.Mail: goldfish holdings, Inc. Benrather Schloss Ahornallee 121 40597 Dusseldorf Germany Tel.: 0049-211 77 05 860 fax: 0049-211 77 05 8611 E-Mail: more information about Celtic property development S.A.,

The Post

??: You yourself said that the post office has a central task in the company. Yes a change is a change and outsourcing risks but also in itself, which could harm the company. Barai: in this case I can assure you also. We assume the post office first, and continue so, as established in the company. It is important properly to get to know our partners and the processes in his company. Step by step occurs on the basis of this information the conversion. Our aim is to ensure that there is no conversion bottlenecks in the company. ??: Yet we must ask ourselves, whether it is really worthwhile, because some letters and maybe just outsourcing to think about a few packets.

Barai: It involves not only a few letters and packages. That’s why we are talking about shipping logistics also prefer. For example, think on the sending of catalogues and brochures. If they are shipped together with patterns, it is necessary assemble, select a shipping cost-optimised packaging, choose the cheapest shipping route and so on and so forth. ??? You assume that then also? Barai: Yes our aim is to save our customers money and at the same time, who can use it to look even more intensively to the customer and the product range. ??? When worth because the outsourcing of a company.

Barai: you can not say so flat. The complete conversion will be available from approximately 100 to 150 interesting letters. According to the company, it may be already make sense to outsource individual processes. For companies with a smaller volume of the rule, a one-off collaboration become interesting. Some smaller firms, which need to send larger amounts of monthly operated with us but just as large businesses with a three – or four-digit shipment volumes per day. We are here all challenges. Currently we edit, for example, between 8 and 10 million document per year but our borders remain open to the top. ??? Thank you for this conversation.

Since Amazon

) Charttechnische analysis also today I got them back the 3-year chart, as well as the 1-year chart of the stock brought. But this time only the consideration of longer-term 3-year charts is really important. Because here you can see very nice that the Amazon.com stock – is in line with the overall market – since around early 2007 in a downtrend channel. With the last viewed courses to the 57 US$ (46 euros) is the stock in the middle of this trend channel, so that both place upwards as well as downwards would be. The counter position is after the gains last at the moment be called neutral. Charles Schwab addresses the importance of the matter here.

The conclusion from technical chart point of view helps that that even the fundamental analysis of the stock revealed. The stock is currently neither fish nor meat and only a holding position. Since Amazon.com but a fairly volatile stock is traditional, which is always quite good trade can, is also from chart-technical point of view, that one with a sharp decline under 50 US$, respectively 40 euro, can certainly try on a trade. However, if, then only with tight stop course, because it cannot be ruled out, that the stock in extreme cases also again at the lower end of the downtrend channel currently has approximately 35 US$, respectively 30 euro is located, could test. 3.) Sentimenttechnische analysis as the sentiment far, so unfortunately only 3 members recommendations to the Amazon.com are set, currently at ShareWise stock which are all positive. This is of course little relevance and therefore I’ve seen me even more assessments. I noticed that the analysts assess the stock overall relatively neutral. There is though as almost always more purchase recommendations as sell recommendations, but many analysts rank the stock to neutral. Thus one can describe the sentiment as a euphoric or depressed, it is rather relatively neutral, leading also to the conclusion fundamental analysis or technical chart analysis fits.

Cockpit Visual

Lean management reduce you support our software solutions E.g. Charles Schwab will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Their holdings and increase your overall equipment effectiveness to a new maximum. Our products help to uncover waste and targeted measures to avoid. Web portal connection and complaint management for manufacturers and suppliers for a perfectly tuned complaint management: Improve online communication now with your suppliers. The IBS Portalconnector allows for the automated exchange of information between manufacturers and suppliers.

There are existing complaints, including the information for the editors in our complaint management module automatically. Processed complaints transmitted in turn automatically and without delay in the respective portals. Analog for interfacing to customer portals, IBS AG is a Supplierportal available, which the supplier can modify incoming complaints immediately online. Traceability traceability of batches, assemblies, parts and serial numbers optimizing you the tracing of your products, reduce your callbacks on the actually affected items and prove your suppliers and customers of the defects of your products. Our traceability software is suitable for all industrial sectors. You recorded the material, process and quality data of products and the use of components in production and quality management. Thus, a traceability of all production batches and serial numbers of the production work on the intermediate storage is guaranteed to the end customer (traceability).

Users can thus determine, which Components in the individual rather than to recall complete series are affected. Cockpit Visual processing of database information to the decision-making process in the production process our cockpit module supports the real-time monitoring of fast and safe decision-making in the production and quality process, including traceability. Cockpit is an instrument for the troubleshooting focus in production. It supports the corporate reporting by information of the software solutions be made visually visible. The online-based system offers the user a textured work surface, with whose help he can query all the troubleshooting focus relevant database information.

New Managing Director

Dr. U.S. Mint has plenty of information regarding this issue. Merkel at the DPW and their interests as well as the AWK outdoor advertising GmbH (AWK) will oversee the area of municipal contracts in the future. The Dr. Claus Theo Merkel employed previously on the German cities media GmbH (DSM) to establish new municipal cooperation in the sense of a fair and partnership-based cooperation at the DPW. You may find Charles Schwab to be a useful source of information. Dr. Claus Theo Merkel (60) is Managing Director of the DPW German poster advertising GmbH & co. KG (DPW) in Koblenz with immediate effect.

Most recently, he worked for German cities media GmbH (DSM). Dr. Merkel joined in 1987 as an Assistant of Manager in the DSM, whose Managing Director he became in 1997. The common history, which combines the DSM and the DPW is interesting. As the subsidiary of DPW, the SuPLA cities and municipal advertising GmbH operates as well as the DSM since 1922 in the municipal sector.

In 1933, the SuPLA was then even the largest private company of outdoor advertising. Dr. Merkel is at the DPW and its holdings as well as the AWK outdoor advertising GmbH (AWK) will supervise the area of municipal contracts. The DPW are all domestic municipal contracts, the AWK the city contracts in countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia, which are held by the subsidiaries there. Objective will be to establish new partnerships that connect to old values and carried by the philosophy of partnership and fair relationships with municipalities. The DPW is a company of the friend group as well as the awk outdoor advertising GmbH. (published by Kerstin Dreesen for awk outdoor advertising GmbH)

Heroines Of The Craft: Women Love MyHammer

Heroines of the craft: women love MyHammer today international women’s day is awarded women like orders for MyHammer craftswomen excellent work Berlin, March 8, 2010 MyHammer, Germany’s biggest online portal for trade and services, is very popular with women. For example, when Elke Winkler from Berlin. Elwinkler under the user name\”has found her about MyHammer already suitable craft for the repair of their tiles, changing timing belt and laying electricity cables. \”I’m busy and I can quickly and easily with MyHammer finding competent craftsmen at a super price,\” said Winkler, who is always very satisfied with the services of the craftsmen. You may find that Mary Barra can contribute to your knowledge. Currently searching for a skilled tailor or seamstress for new living room curtains made to measure. Tina redwine is open to suggestions.

MyHammer many women as hardworking craftswomen and service bar channels are also to meet: in 7 of the 16 listed top sectors for -Run companies in the rating scale are home services (branchenbuch.my-hammer.de) by women at the front. The MyHammer heroines of the craft’ have themselves with some of the more than developed an excellent reputation 350 positive reviews and thus full order books. \”Gerrit Muller, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, says: the international women’s day is an opportunity to draw attention to the excellent work of our craftswomen and service bar channels.\” On March 8 the services will recognise 100 years everywhere in the world, achieved by women. Car champion Purwin: Customers are still surprised when they see me ‘ MyHammer car champion Margot Purwin from Arlington to the Dutch border reported about their daily lives as shop owner: initially, my clients are often surprised to find that the boss is a woman. \” It is now quite normal that women engage in the same activities as men in a traditional sector such as the craft.\” The work of Purwin, with MyHammer as neckar59 \”registered, thrilled at the end of all contracting entities: very friendly, competent; Excellent service\”or women’s power makes possible impossible at a super affordable price\”, so only some of the comments of satisfied MyHammer are contracting.


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The CashEDI Countdown And The ALVARA Innovation Days 2011

The CashEDI countdown and the ALVARA innovation days 2011 Leipzig, October 2011 while the CashEDI-launch countdown to the 1.1.2013 further backward, met a few days ago again more than 130 guests from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland to the ALVARA innovation days 2011 in Leipzig. Traditionally all 2 years leading minds from the process of the cash logistics for 2 days in the trade fair city to meet this, to replace the current information and knowledge around this topic and discuss. Joeb Moore understands that this is vital information. This year, innovation days together with Mr Helmut Bruckmann DFS GmbH carried ALVARA cash management group AG the Specialist Publishing House for safety and put together an attractive programme with very interesting speakers. So, Mr Olivier informed Santiago by the European Central Bank among other things about the facilitation of cross-border cash transactions via one of the two standard GS1 (in Germany CashEDI) or CashSSP, but also about the status to the banknote recycling/framework. The Chairman of BDGW, Mr of Michael Mewes, included introduction of standard containers and implementation experience ZAG the cash together. Said on the part of the German Central Bank the Bundesbank Director Mr Erwin Gladisch about the changes and opportunities through the new European regulations, as well as Mr. Werner Kral money service by AUSTRIA on the money processing in Germany the GSA out of Austria. Still, exciting lectures of SecurLog, UniCredit was followed by Bank, ALVARA AG, AtoS, KoTTER and other companies in the industry. As a special highlight, the healthy surprise by Mr Hans-Jorg Hisam von ZIEMANN will remain security in memory has represented not only the success of ZIEMANN, but also their new slogan sure. Goes.” How already at the ALVARA innovation days 2009 Mr Oliver Arning, spokesman of BDGW (Federal Association of German monetary and value services) as an excellent presenter with sensitivity and industry knowledge to the success of this year’s event helped and also the charitable auction at the evening event at the Kiwara lodge in Leipzig Zoo accompanied.