Foreign Languages

This information will be particularly relevant for those who own such a miracle of technology as iPhone. However, any another smartphone is also suitable. This tool will help you to capitalize on any free time between your main classes – in the lunchtime in a restaurant when you are waiting for the menu, in line at the bank and so on. All this time you can now use to study a foreign language.

How to do it? There are many linguistic applications for smartphone – free or available for a small fee from official producers or fans. Many applications can find and download online. Regardless of origin, they may be useful in studying a foreign language. Read more here: Forefront Books. 1.Slovari. There are almost all phones, may be quite large, and possibly your phone has only a small dictionary, but for twenty languages.

In any case, you can find online dictionaries and any transfer to your phone. This will not only help you out in the next travel, but also give the opportunity to learn the words, when more than absolutely nothing to do, for example, at the airport between flights, or in an airplane. 2.Novosti. There is nothing easier than to read the world news on your mobile phone on the way, for example, work. Learn English? At your disposal news of all English-speaking world. Some news applications, for example, BBC, and offer a lightweight, an adapted version, for those who are just taking the first steps in the language. Thus, you are aware of world events while developing skills in a foreign language. 3.Radio. Your phone, like your computer to the Internet, a portal to the world. Maybe a bit hard to find a radio station on your required language and broadcasting the information that is of interest to you – because a lot of them – but if you do, this radio station will always be with you! 4.Video. You can download movies to your phone, but you can easily find interesting on Youtube, which in itself – a huge collection of videos in any language and in a variety of topics. Especially handy if you own the latest models of smartphones with a large screen and software to function video. 5.//. Hear from experts in the field like Mary Barra for a more varied view. Choose to your taste, what would you like to listen. Romantic detectives in English? Podcasts on science in German? French rap? All this – in your phone. 6. SMS. Do you have Overseas Friends? Then the phone – the best tool for communicating with them. Some people think that writing a message – a waste of time. But communication with the SMS in a foreign language – free of grammatical rules and tables, as only to as low as possible number of words to convey meaning – this is a great exercise in vocabulary. Develop a written speech in Spanish, corresponding with fellow Spaniards. So you build a relationship (to be with whom to root for your favorite Spanish team), and learn the language! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Want to practice your reading on you are studying a foreign language, to practice grammar and vocabulary? Then you – here! A huge number of parallel texts (in English and other languages), a large number of languages. Language Resource – English.

Seminar Canon Dims New Solutions

February 4, 2009 the company "Canon Roo" held a seminar on product DIMS in St. Many writers such as Charles Schwab offer more in-depth analysis. Petersburg. The company "Canon Ru ( is Canon corporation in Russia. The company has offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The main purpose company "Canon Ru" – Further development of sales of consumer goods Canon, as well as promote and support business solutions Canon. One of the priorities of the company "Canon Ru" is a long-lasting and fruitful cooperation with partners, key clients and leading local corporations. At a seminar on product Canon DIMS, conducted by the marketing manager of the company "Canon Roux," Elena Bakulin, highlighted the major trends in business, market professional document scanners, marketing strategies, affiliate programs, demonstrated the possibility of a number of document scanners Canon – from the most popular model DR-2580C and ScanFront 220P, network scanner for workgroups to top performance model X10C. Representatives of major Russian vendors made presentations of integrated solutions for the organization of electronic dokumentoborota in the organization based on equipment from Canon. Among participants, in addition to the main partners in Canon equipment sales, at a seminar attended by developers, including – representatives of "Alley Software (, develops and implements software and hardware electronic archives and providing services to stream scanning and input of large volumes of paper documents.

"According to the company Canon, the share of software developers are no more than 5% Sales for the year 2008. " – Said Stanislav Kim, General Director of "Alley of Software" – "However, these companies play an important role in shaping the demand for document scanners with end users, so the partnership software developers and equipment manufacturers is a strategic and mutually beneficial. Our company, as a provider of scanning and document capture streaming, commends the action taken by the Canon's Professional scanning – we hope that the share of the company in the market will only grow. Partnership and Canon Software Alley is not limited to document scanners – in the line of equipment supplied by us are present professional book scanners based on digital cameras, Canon and our customers celebrate the highest quality of the images and reliability engineering. We are not the first time participate in the activities of Canon, this year we have planned a number of joint marketing activities. We would like to thank the organizers for an informative seminar and wish you success and further development. "

Enterprise Energy Audit

These issues can be listed and to list. In fact, they are all quite relevant and very important. But the essence of all these questions is usually one main: – Where is the guarantee that the money invested in energy auditing and energy efficiency measures quickly pay off? And this question is understandable and justified, since we are talking about intellectual work, where the first visible result – a stack of paper covered with writing and business plan additional costs. Others including Mary Barra, offer their opinions as well. And it is "it" will have to invest. This is not the same, familiar to us, the circuit material relationship, where we paid money for goods or services, and immediately received, saw, felt we have acquired the goods. So what is energy audits and energy conservation company? There are many different interpretations of concepts, definitions and classifications.

I propose to consider the most simple and understandable defining these two terms: Energy Saving – an implementation and seek solutions that are effective as energy and cost for managing in conditions of absolute control over the flow of energy resources. And the initial phase of energy is energy audit – an essential tool and framework for developing energy efficiency programs. Energy audit or energy audit control – is a test object energy, the search inefficient use of energy resources, determination of parameters of energy efficiency and developing a business plan to bring the object under study in energy efficiency and energy-efficient form, taking into account all the mentioned items. The result is an energy audit of a business plan.

University Barcelona

Researchers found that in summer the weekend rain is more frequent than on weekdays Spanish researchers from the University Barcelona, watching over the years the weather conditions, came to the conclusion that the weather in Western Europe, there are weekly cycles: for example, in the summer at the weekend rain is more frequent than on weekdays. Scientists have observed the weather throughout Spain from 1961 to 2004, and it was found that at different times, the weekly cycles are built differently. In winter, for example, on the contrary – are more sunny weekends than weekdays. Another interesting fact is that Throughout the year, the atmospheric pressure in the middle of the week lower than in the rest of the day. These weather cycles have been linked primarily to environmental pollution: after all, on weekdays, when all businesses operate, the level of pollution above. It is known that the presence of soot in the air can affect the air flow: the dark particles are rapidly heated by the sun and warms the surrounding air, causing it to rise.

In addition, large particles in the air can be the basis for the formation of clouds. Note that prior to the study of Spanish scientists weekly weather cycles were recorded in China, USA and Japan. But why in Europe, these cycles are less pronounced as scientists can not explain … Europeans approve of the introduction of stringent environmental standards in a study commissioned by the organization "Friends of the Earth '(Friends of the Earth), analytical company TNS Opinion concluded that the majority of Europeans approve of the introduction of stringent environmental standards 'Euro 5'.

Writing An Essay On Their Own

In order to correctly construct the structure of the abstract is necessary to determine the names of chapters and sections (or subsections, as someone more like it). What you need to do? For example, you write a paper on the economy on the topic: "The origin and nature of money." Open any textbook on economics or training manual (if you have one) and find the same chapter: The origin and nature of money, and then look at the subsections. These sub-sections and will the heads of your essay. Obtain: Chapter 1. Development of exchange and forms of exchange value. Chapter 2. The origin and nature of money.

Chapter 3. The shape of money: 3.1. Coinage 3.2. Paper Money 3.3. Lending money to Chapter 4.

Functions of money and content. Well and, accordingly, the introduction and conclusion. Now, actually, about the filling of the Chapters. To do this you need to have 2-3 a textbook on the subject, and of course use the internet! Just do not download without thinking anything is possible, and be creative. Borrow separate paragraphs, thoughts and quotes, but not completely work. Particular attention should be paid to related articles. They will pop up when you search, if you type the exact name of your work. Of these Articles should be concluded or the chapter under the title: The current state of the problem. When finally the essay is finished, you should start to write the introduction. Standard introduction should contain goals and objectives of the work, sometimes teachers are also required to reflect their own vision problems as well as the reasons for choosing this topic. In fact, all this is said in one word – relevance of the work. And the relevance to our time, one – difficult economic situation in the country, the need for restructuring of all sectors of the economy, etc. Never forget the footnotes. Even if the teacher does not require that they were present in the abstract, they should not be neglected. They lend weight to your work, even if the work – this is pure compilation, at least you honestly tell me where did this or that information. And lastly. If no money or desire to buy textbooks at the store, they can always be find a library of educational literature.

Nbs Communication

What is communication? In this paper allow me to raise awareness of the importance of communication in education. Since each of us in our classrooms every day that we practice with our students and the community at large and that communication is an important benchmark in education. Each one of us sometimes we intend to implement strategies in our classroom and that has shown the great diversity that exists in our language teaching; more without me but do not give due importance or simply ignore those little details in my opinion are the base to improve and contribute a small part in that picture “teaching-learning.” Since we have a great competition with the media but we can not dismiss it but if we can make the most of programs that allow us to facilitate learning for children based on their conceptions. & Nbsp; & nb sp;; & nbsp; & nb sp;; The classroom communication: The communication takes place in the formal education process in the classroom: between teacher and student. Since the classroom takes place this process of communication that is not simply an exchange of words.

As its name suggests is a process which the student expresses ideas, feelings, emotions, experiences, arguments, personal values, tastes, preferences and aspirations that can be seen daily in the classroom. Now How many times have you let the students express their ideas, feelings, emotions … etc.?. But in the majority of the time we’re in this position: “In traditional educational practice and the communication process places the student as a recipient which does not allow you to interact as the maestro who sets the rules and establishes restrictive to a the students. “leguaje Is it better to the school? Communication in the classroom or the classroom impact: The language school. One of the four linguistic universe because each carries its own logic and takes place racionalidad.Se Classroom the classroom where there is a wide range of microlenguajes that interact at various levels and whose impact is felt within the classroom. The school language is characterized by its officers which are: Content, Educational policies in accordance with the requirements of the institution: Specialization and property of space, physical structure of the classroom, learning materials, furniture and fixtures. The official curriculum of the curriculum as: structure, selection of content that you believe to be transmitted in teaching knowledge and skills that learners must possess the desire to homogenize with such knowledge. But, as we all know in our class found a cultural diversity, which can not homogenize the knowledge but, above (curriculum) can make adjustments, depending on the need for students and the context in which it is allowing construction and reconstruction of knowledge (learning and teaching).

Educational Scope

In the educational scope it was not different. However, the democratization desire was to the little abandoned one and substituted for quality yearnings, having this a happened conception of the enterprise world and reflecting the interests of the ruling class, after all, a democratization does not correspond to the characteristics of the capitalism. The world of the businesses if became reference for all the actions of the man; everything turns around the logic of the market, that said the rules of the game thus the ruling class dominates each time more and believes that the quality of the professional reflects in the product quality, thus reflecting in the amount of the profit. As Snows (2007) the education proposal neoliberal is the proposal of the Brazilian bourgeoisie and its allies. This proposal, formulated and stimulated technique and financially for the international organisms for the underdeveloped countries … …

the pertaining to school education, in all the levels and modalities of education, starts to have as purposes to spread out and to sediment, enters the current and future generations, the enterprise culture, what it means to eticamente conform them technique and eticamente to the occured qualitative changes in world-wide level in the social relations of capitalist production … … the pertaining to school education if would destine, then, to prepare for the simple work and the complex work to give account of the biggest scientific rationality required by the current period of training of organization of the work … With regard to the education of quality, such perspective understands as something that must be granted who will have half to assure it, not as right of all. … The great strategical operation of the neoliberalismo consists of transferring to the education of the sphere of the politics to the sphere of the market, thus questioning its character of right and reducing it its condition of property.

Online Tutorial

Cu (English C) – a standardized procedural programming language developed in the early 1970s, members of Bell Labs by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, as the development of language Bee. C was designed for use in the operating system UNIX. C He has since been ported to many operating systems and has become one of the most used programming languages. Cu valued for its effectiveness, it is the most popular language for creating system software software. It is also often used to create applications. Despite the fact that C is not designed for beginners, it is actively used for teaching programming.

In the sequel the syntax of C language was the basis for many other languages (see: C-like syntax). For the C language is characterized by brevity, the modern set of flow control structures, data structures and an extensive set of operations. A bit of a C Language C programming is minimal. The authors would like language to program it easily compiled with the help of a single-pass compiler, after compiling each elementary component of the program corresponded to a very small number of machine instructions, and use the basic elements of language did not use run-time library. One-pass compiler compiles the program without returning back to the already compiled the text. Therefore, the use of the function must precede its declaration. C code can easily be written at a low level of abstraction, almost like an assembler. Sometimes C is called "universal assembler" or "high-level assembler", which reflects the difference between assembly languages for various platforms and the unity of the C standard, whose code can be compiled without change on almost any computer model. C often called the language of average or even low, given how closely he works for a real ustroystvam.c-book-help – This online tutorial on programming in C language. This resource is designed to help novice programmers to give them the basic concepts and to help deal with this programming language.