Amend SRO Law

When plans to change the regulatory system of the construction industry in the country just discussed, the legislators chose between the two approaches to self-organization. In accordance with the first SRO in the building must were to enter only general contractors and master planners, who could do all the work themselves or engage sub-contractors. In this general contractors would be required to establish effective quality control work on their facilities being built and fully responsible for their compliance with technical regulations. But the victory of the second approach, under which members of SRO were to be employed in virtually all construction sites in the organization, each of which would be responsible for their area of work. On January 1, 2010 under the Federal Law of 01.12.2007 N 315-FZ 'On the self-regulatory organizations' action was canceled licenses for construction activity. In accordance with the list of works on construction, reconstruction, major repairs of capital construction projects approved by the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia Order from 09.12.2008 N 274, SROs should have come the vast majority of construction organizations. Order Ministry of Regional Development from the start been strongly criticized by representatives of small construction companies and FAS, because in order to become a member of the SRO in construction, the company had to spend about 500 thousand rubles. (Including contributing to the reserve fund in the amount of SRO 300 thousand rubles.

For builders and 150 thousand rubles. For design and engineering surveyors). Big challenges for small businesses and caused a shortage of professionals in the state stroyorganizatsy: when joining the SRO law provided for a minimum number of employees with higher professional education in each construction company, regardless of its size. Therefore, according to representatives of small business and FAS, is a self-promoted monopolization of the market. In addition, the transition to self-regulation revealed many negative points. SRO in the building were created not only to industry and regional business associations, the largest construction companies, and government officials, business people, not had experience in construction. Very quickly, a host of middlemen, 'dummy' SRO trading in certificates of admission to the works. Neither of which the quality control of works from such CPO was not the question. Became it is clear that changes in legislation.

Profitable Investing

Much to our regret numerically large number of citizens of our state are convinced that using this kind of construction material such as wood, can clearly be constructed only bath turnkey as well as other auxiliary buildings. In real life, not only the price of these baths are considered to be uniquely advantageous construction of buildings and wooden houses prices, but because something is available to assert with confidence that in the case of any worth a closer look at the possibility. Because each building baths – a priority, the successful method to get clean and practical building. At the same time, it should be noted that Desiring to build a wooden house, you need to know about the variations of erection, and also draw considerable attention on suburban homes. And especially when there is no desire to wait for completion of construction, it is permissible to buy wooden houses completed, since a number of construction companies operating in the construction of wooden houses for sale, and therefore at all times really be convinced that the desire to buy a log cabin or bath also buy a log cabin, it will find a certain number of options. Actually in the version if you choose a ready log of logs is definitely hard to find it is definitely building itself is fully satisfied all desires.

In addition, if specifically so it happened, then do not be upset, because well be to find a professional organization and the design and construction of wooden houses. However, it should choose a reliable construction companies, experienced workers who have a wide experience in such areas as setting the framework. Needless to such a construction company clearly has to implement the entire list of works on construction wooden buildings, ranging from the development plan and ending with finishing work. An example of such a construction firm stroyfirmy ProfilArt, on account of its own which, for a long time of its formation there is a huge numerical quantity of finished objects and a corresponding number of satisfied customers. Directly in this organization has a unique opportunity to place your order on wooden cottages. Directly with all relevant work begins with development projects, and fully independent because it is a facility they will be, for example projects of country houses, or of any subsidiary rooms in which you want options they agreed with the owners and only then begins construction. In addition it should be noted that the construction company apart from the fact that performs at a professional the level of construction of houses made of logs, also provides building garden houses, panel house, and in addition is selling bath project company. In a possible variant of anything easily with full responsibility to assert that the actual cost of building a wooden house in the construction company will, in fact the best combination of price and quality.

Economic Crime

As much as I did in this situation, as here in this? What our relief images Asians? Try to understand. Max, Jean and Johnny – Detectives from the department of wiretapping. Their task is surveillance of a group of persons who are suspected of insider trading and fraudulent stock transactions. Day and night, they listens to the sound of headphones, keep track of every move in the office, followed by. They are on the right track, because one of the managers of the company every time something does in his office after hours. One day, when provoked talkative lover, he tells her that their company stock will rise in price tomorrow. You hear that? Startled? Do you want to rush to exchange the terminal and buy, buy, buy …. One of our Detectives flinch, and the information from the report disappeared.

The next day, the Bureau of Economic Crime found plums. To get it's POS screen of death: Trading suspended! Look at their face. Investigation begins. But one crime leads to the second, and the second – third. Noticed a difference between "Wall Street"? At this time, not white-collar workers make money off his knowledge, and people from the outside.

And in their place may each of us. Because of this, the film confirms that after four hours of viewing I still think about him. In my arsenal are not many films that stimulate reflection. Not just podkidyvayut provocative thoughts, and affect something in the depth or suggest an alternative, about whose existence I had no idea. In the movie "The tapping," one of the problems is a lie. We have seen her in almost Each scene of the film: the detectives lied to their bosses, lied to each other, ourselves, and trying to cash in on someone else's deception. One of the characters utters the phrase that I hear everywhere, and people from the faint of heart and pure in his hand: "If began to lie – lie to the end. " But guess what? The film is the flip side, which is close to my own understanding of the world. We hear about it from the lips of Mr. Ma, head of the company Yan Hau Tong: In business, if you made a mistake, then the must be recognized. And then you have to correct their mistakes. " Remove the word business and the meaning remains the same. In my opinion, excellent credo! In conclusion, almost none of the Hong Kong film is complete without a scene on the roof. And here: three stellar actors spend most of his life on a piece of land, around which some skyscrapers. PS: Some things are so comical that they should be cited. Aunty with a high-tech stock exchange refers to the deity: "I pray thee, protect me. Let the principal stock exchange players hoard their stocks. Suppose first that will allow us to sell ":) And if all goes well, the best way to solve all problems – to do the Asian way – jump out the window.

Description Thermalright

Hello Thermalright company is well known in the market and has long established itself as a manufacturer of high quality and efficient cooling systems for computers. Many are familiar with the products of this company. Today we will imagine a cooler for the chipset, model HR-05/IFX SLI. This modified model HR-05/IFX, designed to be installed together with large CPU coolers, or using systems SLI) or CrossFire, when HR-05/IFX set is not possible. Consider it more detail.

Cooler comes in a standard cardboard box in the style of Thermalright. Inside, a soft polyurethane insert, made in the form of a cooler, he lies and accessories: Package contains all the necessary details for install the cooler on the motherboard: Soft rubber backing (attached to the base of the cooler and prevents damage to the crystal chip due to a strong clip.) Mounts with two types of clamping plate universal length. Two bow mount the fan to the heatsink (fan not included). Installation Guide cooler. Proprietary sticker Thermalright. A tube of thermal paste Thermalright Chill Factor.

Dimensions Flow: 85.8 (E) h62, 5 (W) h105 (H) mm, base: 30×30 mm Weight – 125 gr. The radiator consists of 25 aluminum plates strung on two copper plated heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm. Heat pipes are glued to the bottom of melting. Fins are equipped with perforations in the form of fairly large rectangular hole with a bent 90 degrees to the petals. According to the developer, this design concept allows the radiator to give better heat the surrounding space when working in passive or quiet fan blowing. When using such a perforation of the need for large air flow is eliminated. Intercostal distance between the plates is 2.5 mm. HR-05/IFX SLI is designed for installation Fan size 80×80 mm (thickness 15 or 25 mm). Fan is mounted with two bows in the kit. Effective area of contact with the chipset – 30×20 mm. Traces of milling are present, but quite small. Thermalright HR-05/IFX SLI shows very good results, especially when you add a fan, which, combined with a stylish appearance makes it very attractive to overclockers and modders out there.