East European

Preserves, jams, compotes, if in joy, why not? By the way, raspberries make an amazing alcohol infusion. Separately with the Blackberry or . Yields are 3-4 times higher than that of raspberries. There are some varieties: Lucretia Taylor, abundant, Darrow used instead of hedges. Large berries and thick, with a finger, branches, covered with sharp spines. Climb over a fence is simply unrealistic. He tried.

Flower beds – it's a different story. Only in a private home can be to breed roses. Planting different kinds, you can admire and inhale the healing scent of the queen of flowers all summer. Fauna. Living creatures in your house, of course, begins with a dog. Large, this dog, often Shepherd, Caucasian or East European. Toy dogs, genes which laid the basic principles of coexistence with the man – to serve and protect. Properly bred dog will never become a watchdog.

Incidentally, the breeders of dogs all live in private homes. The dogs are, of course, affectionate cat. And you decide for yourself is to let them into the house or confine the yard. Cats not only catch rodents, but their presence added to positive emotions, which is lacking when you tired of returning home. Behind the house you can build a chicken coop, where chickens are usually kept. Generally, the chickens – this is a very profitable business that does not require large capital investments. Homemade egg and meat always find a buyer. But we can limit and five decorative hens, led by cock.

Properties Enterprises

Production System – is a special class of systems, including the workers, tools and supplies of labor and other elements necessary for the functioning of the system, during which create products or services. In a broad sense under the system (from gr. systema) means a certain set of elements forming the whole (composed of parts), having features that are absent from its constituent elements. The company is considered as a production system, since it has all the typical signs of the system. Business units (shops, sites, services, departments, etc.) in this sense act as a subsystem consisting of elements varying degrees of complexity (workers, goods and tools, etc.). Thus, in industrial production creates a hierarchy of systems connected to each other and the unity of the functioning of the enterprise.

K characteristic features of functioning of the enterprise as a production system include: 1) focus, ie, the ability to create products, provide services, 2) Polystructural, ie, the simultaneous existence the company (as a system) intertwined sub-systems (plants, plots, farms, services, departments, etc.), and 3) the complexity is due Polystructural enterprise, the presence in it as the basic elements of workers' also influence the external environment, 4) openness, manifested in close collaboration with the external environment company. For example, industries associated with it through the sale of products, relationships with co-operating other enterprises. Openness is manifested in the material, energy, communication, relations with the budget, etc. Any production system consists of at least three major components: entry the inputs at the input to the system; the production process that transforms resources into a new quality (products with new properties); result of the system – the finished product at the outlet of the system. Connection of components of the production system into a coherent whole by means of system constraints (material, informational, financial). The company is a dynamic system that has ability to evolve, to move from one qualitative state to another, while at the same time, the system thanks to its characteristics such as: efficiency (the ability to get the effect, create the necessary consumer products); reliability (stable operation of inland reserves management system, cooperation with other business systems); flexibility (the possibility of production system to adapt to changing environmental conditions); long-term (the ability of the production system for a long time to maintain effectiveness): controllability (admissibility temporal change processes functioning in the desired direction under the influence of control actions.

Manageability is provided by internal reserves, a separation system into subsystems, as well as restriction system size). The latter property system allows us to speak about the enterprise as a self-regulating system that is able to adapt to both internal and to external changes. However, self-regulation can carried out only up to certain limits. Necessary to clearly regulate the activities of the enterprise arising from its tasks, so you can identify specific organizational principles of its structure, external and internal communication, ie, that with respect to the external environment has acted as a standalone system.

MLM Business

From my experience, I can say that one thing that I do not ever – is coaxing people to do MLM business on the Internet if they do not want. This is a classic mistake that ultimately does not help anyone. When you persuade the other party may not be sufficiently aware of the need for this activity. People do not realize that you need to succeed. As a result, then you will receive only disappointment and even anger the person you are trying to motivate, but that does not want to achieve something myself.

In this kind of business can not succeed if you do not want them to do. In fact, it's more than you lose if you decide not to create a MLM Business on the Internet. If you have defined for themselves what MLM business – it's not what you need, then you're just depriving yourself of the possibility of getting a serious income. And believe me, the money you could earn far from considerable. But you miss not only this. You are depriving themselves of the opportunity to live a different life. I'm talking about freedom. Imagine you wake up every day and can do whatever you want.

Imagine that you need not worry about what to say boss and that no matter how late for work. Your life belongs entirely to you. Money, of course, is also a very important factor, so many, and build their MLM business on the Internet. You will have time for everything, and that lifestyle appeals to many. It is for this reason that this business works so many people, and their number increases annually. Neither work gives you such freedom, which gives the MLM business, but if you went to a man who does not need anything terrible. It was he who loses a lot, but not you. Do not put pressure on people, inviting them to build their MLM business on the Internet. Benefits from this activity are many, but if someone refuses them, it is 100% of its loss.

Profitable Investing

Much to our regret numerically large number of citizens of our state are convinced that using this kind of construction material such as wood, can clearly be constructed only bath turnkey as well as other auxiliary buildings. In real life, not only the price of these baths are considered to be uniquely advantageous construction of buildings and wooden houses prices, but because something is available to assert with confidence that in the case of any worth a closer look at the possibility. Because each building baths – a priority, the successful method to get clean and practical building. At the same time, it should be noted that Desiring to build a wooden house, you need to know about the variations of erection, and also draw considerable attention on suburban homes. And especially when there is no desire to wait for completion of construction, it is permissible to buy wooden houses completed, since a number of construction companies operating in the construction of wooden houses for sale, and therefore at all times really be convinced that the desire to buy a log cabin or bath also buy a log cabin, it will find a certain number of options. Actually in the version if you choose a ready log of logs is definitely hard to find it is definitely building itself is fully satisfied all desires.

In addition, if specifically so it happened, then do not be upset, because well be to find a professional organization and the design and construction of wooden houses. However, it should choose a reliable construction companies, experienced workers who have a wide experience in such areas as setting the framework. Needless to such a construction company clearly has to implement the entire list of works on construction wooden buildings, ranging from the development plan and ending with finishing work. An example of such a construction firm stroyfirmy ProfilArt, on account of its own which, for a long time of its formation there is a huge numerical quantity of finished objects and a corresponding number of satisfied customers. Directly in this organization has a unique opportunity to place your order on wooden cottages. Directly with all relevant work begins with development projects, and fully independent because it is a facility they will be, for example projects of country houses, or of any subsidiary rooms in which you want options they agreed with the owners and only then begins construction. In addition it should be noted that the construction company apart from the fact that performs at a professional the level of construction of houses made of logs, also provides building garden houses, panel house, and in addition is selling bath project company. In a possible variant of anything easily with full responsibility to assert that the actual cost of building a wooden house in the construction company will, in fact the best combination of price and quality.

Supervisory Board

The Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) is authorized to approve a report on the outcome of such an acquisition of shares. The decision of the organization of the general meeting of shareholders in the company's charter is amended, which define reduction of share capital repayment organization owned by the Company (which for this purpose by the relevant federal regulations is on-the Joint Stock Companies "). Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) must approve the report on the results of the accomplished redemption of securities. As a result of the changes occurred is a reduction of the authorized capital amounting to denomination redeemable shares. The task of the board of directors (supervisory board) is making a decision about placing the company's charter adjustments, defining the issues concerning the opening missions of the organization, eliminating such missions, as well as creating subsidiaries. In accordance with Federal Law "On Amending the Federal Law" On Joint Stock Companies ", the main document organization (the company's charter) may undergo changes and additions to the part which is related to the parameters of its charter capital, including the amount already issued shares. Making changes is up to the IPO at a time when society is being reorganized by merger.

This occurs on the basis of the merger agreement. Well as the necessary foundation is registered with a report on the issue of shares are those that are going to create the society. Corrective amendments to be made in the charter of the organization (or if it's completely new version of the statute) must register with the state authority, which previously held state registration of legal person, and in the order, which is defined rules considering this question of federal law.

Be Active

He gave me a clear idea of the theme developed by me on the web. Continue in the same spirit, RUNET'u need as much as possible of competent educators! Yarik Zagurskii "I do not know how to rest, but I personally do after such a good word in his address, feel a very powerful positive emotions and energies that enable me to do more with greater force than before. Rise mood and performance, there is plenty of great ideas and solid feel that you are standing on the right track, and really brings the people of any use. Rereading these letters over and over again, there is an experience that is hard to convey in words, much less to express on paper. I think any entrepreneur who has ever received such revelations in his address, understand me here like no other. Last saying in a very special degree for those who have just begun to engage in any activity, and until then, never got in his address anything like that. And the first success, the first recognition of their achievements, expressed in letters to those people they had never seen and did not know, so very, very much. At times, impossible to sleep on your overflowing emotions! I know this firsthand and speak only from my own experience.

In such moments, you feel not so much a successful entrepreneur, as the happiest person in the network (and not only there), who managed to achieve something in this life. Naturally, this happens every night. 🙂 Since than longer a person works, and the more gets in your address flattering words, the less effect they have on him. But this does not mean that he is not happy to receive them, on the contrary, each received a letter from a satisfied customer is sense of satisfaction, and is regarded as another proof confirming the merit of the author. Therefore, I urge everyone: my friends, write reviews! If you bought the product, use of the service provided, signed Newsletter or e-learning course, attended a seminar, or simply download the free ebook – write a review to the author, write what you think about it, what impression you have caused his goods than he has helped you, etc. This concerns not only the letters that you can send to the author, but also those sites where, for example, article or any article you can add your comment, vote for it, thereby increasing the rating, etc. I can assure you these actions will help you just a person who likes you as a writer, or to which you have at least a small share of respect. So, again: Gentlemen, Be Active! If you really liked the product of any author, did not rejoice alone. It is better to share it with everyone, and especially with the man whose work brought you some benefits and the desired result.

The Universe

Therefore, you are going to start saving. And then he begins to show you your right. You have come unexpected expenses, to work suddenly cancel bonuses or thirteenth salary, you are stealing money and thousands of different options of how the universe will reflect your same beliefs about money. That is what happened during the test period. 8 out of 10 people spent far less money on seemingly unnecessary things, and when the month drew to a close, it seemed that here do they – the money saved. But almost always happened some unforeseen event which forced them to spend not only delayed 10%, but even at 10-30% more. The universe seemed to say to us: "Are you afraid that you do not have enough money? I will do everything possible so that you have not been disappointed in their beliefs. " And the universe certainly a reasonable question arose: "And what do you save money? For a rainy day? Ok, you will be a rainy day.

And not even one. " It is very important to realize that saving money, you will never be truly rich man. If you set aside each month of $ 100, how many years you need to buy your house, car, visit all interesting to you country? Considered? You can spend so much? When you start saving, you are admits to himself about that much money, they all will not be enough, so they need to save. And all your thought process to direct the thinking of various options for saving. This path is not in any way lead you to wealth.

Capital Region

In addition, the company may not be a branch or subsidiary of a larger firm, and should be completely independent. Outside Capital Region company can not have branches. To the roster of small business staff must meet the following criteria: for construction and industrial strength should not exceed 100 people. For businesses, the scientific sphere and the number of agricultural enterprises should be not more than 60 people, companies services and retail staff should not exceed 30 people for the wholesale trade and other areas of the workforce should be no more than 50 people. If all parameters are appropriate for your company, then the entry in the register of small business can be done through the Department of Small and Medium business in Moscow. In the case of a successful introduction of your company in the register, the validity of the certificate will not be limited, but the firm must annually certify their attitude toward small businesses, according to the the above parameters. This confirmation should be implemented no later than 20 days before the deadline, which is indicated in the notes to the annual confirmation of the roster. " Documents for following confirmation must be submitted to the same extent and in the future. If you are not confident in their ability and accuracy of documents to the roster of small business, it is best consult a qualified professional, who will prepare everything in the best possible way. Working with us, you will avoid errors in the required documents and as a consequence of failure on making your company's roster, which will give you plenty benefits for its operations and success of the company.

Drop Shipping

This, as well as ignorance of the language and the subtleties of trade, until recently, stopped most of the Russian-speaking users, and is a significant barrier to business development in the Russian Internet scheme Drop Shipping. There were only sites like this one: where you could only find the coordinates of these companies. And use this information only to purchase goods at low prices, no more. But the years go by, the market is evolving, and our happiness with you now have a system (or rather scheme) with Drop Shipping and the Russian-speaking parts of the network. What can I say about her? On its creation took more than 5 years and the amount exceeds $ 6000. But now everyone can take advantage of it and easily start your own business from scratch, reselling hundreds of thousands of quality products from the USA, China and Europe Russian-speaking Internet users.

And you can quickly find buyers the right to pay for the goods and the checkout process, work with both retail, and wholesale lots, sending goods to anywhere in the world. Can to deliver the goods to your customers without customs duties and all lawful means, thereby protecting them from additional customs levies. In addition to all be able to get free own modern Online shopping from third-level domain, and does not pay for its hosting and registration. Also learn how to efficiently find your buyers on bulletin boards, forums and databases without investing in advertising penny. And if want, you can easily put the search for buyers to complete autopilot, using in its business such well-known systems such as Yandex Direct, Begun and Google Adwords.

If you are interested in my opinions about Drop Shipping, I personally think it is really good line of business on the web. Not for nothing was he so long and successfully exist in the west? And, as we know, Runet always lagged behind the well-fed bourgeois and all that they have used successfully for many years, to us it is only will start to come. So, maybe it's worth and learn from this experience? Because now you are a little idea about what the Drop Shipping, and what opportunities it gives each of us. Maybe you should not miss your chance, and, finally, to start their own moneymaker on the Web?

Application Companies

Vacancies for seafarers who wish to settle the contract easiest to find on the Internet. Although finding a job much easier for those who are no 40 and already have experience of working on the contract. If you still have decided on a similar search method of the crew, visit the sites of crewing agencies and boards, and the place where information about yourself. Moreover, the mass sites containing vacancies for seafarers have an opportunity to fill in and send Application form. In the cities there are masses of the agency, which dispose of such information immediately on dozens of addresses. The whole question is appreciated and appropriate. Another method is to find a job sailor – crewing companies. This the best choice if you are over 40 years, and you have not worked on the contract.

In this situation, the most important thing to find a job for seafarers to go into the flight, and showed itself to clarify all the crewing companies divide into 3 groups: Respectable agencies are working on huge shipping company. There are high salaries, mandatory testing for language skills, often independent medical examination, a decent office, the need for the availability of work experience on contracts specialty. And often, no additional money for the contract to pay you do not need. Most of the crewing companies offering jobs for seamen, ordinary. This II-nd group. These companies range from very medium-sized (1 Room, 2 employees) to very respectable.

It is c / o them most effectively get your own I contract. It is also possible to get a job in the Russian-speaking crew and if you do not mate, but a simple man then you will be able to work without the knowledge of English. Sometimes that will be charged for 'entering into the data bank', the 'postage', although the amount often does not exceed $ 30. Range required for the contract amounts are very large, from 'Thank you' to the transfer of monthly salary, or any month. from 3 to 10%. Bogus agencies – III-I group. The most important distinguishing feature – from 50 up to $ 100 for the 'entry in the database' and the 'postage'. The fee for the contract, even before the signature and the departure of the ship. Promise to provide work, regardless of age, experience, tenure, British, etc. as soon as possible. There are many specific examples, including, when 27 sailors from Klaipeda 'flying' on a contract paying $ 500-700 for each. The next version of the job search for the sailors – just ring up the company. The probability of finding job sailor then is rather low. Even a small shipping companies are afraid to take unverified frames. If you have made at least 1 contract and well proven, that with great certainty is possible to rely on luck. There are more employment opportunities: visit offices Shipowners. In Greece, Norway, the Netherlands, there are entire streets, where the offices of shipping companies. So, first, register the largest number of agencies. Do not forget that the chances to leave the treaty seriously above the spring and early summer. British is not just only just socializing, though still an opportunity to earn money. If you suspect a dishonest crewing, find a person really gets a job there, and come in crewing with a complete set documents and their copies.