Cooperation Proposal

Once this review is to be fleshed out, ie it should not be common words, and feedback on a particular topic. Your a future partner must understand that you actually read his newsletter, and not simply found his name in the directory. Such a withdrawal would be better for him to prove that it does not work in vain, and his attitude toward you and your proposal Cooperation will be simply doomed to success. Be sure to introduce yourself. Show that you are a real person. Give references for which your partner can read your work. Suppose that visit your site, read what you write in your ezine, it is necessary for him to make the right decision. And finally, the proposal should not be "illusory".

In the same letter be sure to insert ad unit, which would like to see in one of the next releases of its mailing list. Ask your partner to send your ad unit and promised that insert it in the next issue of mailing first. This will further increase its respect and credibility to your proposal. Such are the recommendations. As you can see, nothing complicated, and the supernatural do not need. It only remains to add that the proposal should be sent not one person, but certainly several. And a couple of small recommendations: – Choose to offer a partnership similar to your mailing by the number of subscribers. The proposal should be a win-win! – Do not send immediately a lot of suggestions.

Scoring Helps To Get Loans Or Nullifies All Efforts On The “No ?

In carrying out the issuance of the loan, loans, credit organizations and banks to some extent, are risking their financial means, which give the lender. Statistics conducted on the subject, not Return of funds by the borrower very disappointing. Now in order to protect themselves, organizations, or give a loan against real estate or personal property, carrying out further checks of the borrower for solvency or a so-called credit scoring bidder, and from the data decide whether to credit the person or entity, apply for credit. What is the scoring and why he has played a significant role in the loan, even with the pledge? Credit scoring – a statistical and mathematical methods used in assessing kreditoplatezhnosti potential customer. It is most commonly used when issuing Express credit and loans, unsecured lien.

Indeed, in the case of the issuance of money secured by an apartment, a bank, after the conclusion of the treaty is in its form of a guarantor in case of nonpayment by the borrower loan. Bank return their spent money selling the mortgaged property. Many lending agencies in the fight for the client minimizes the requirements imposed on the lender, in particular, make loans to bail property, without inquiries on incomes without bail. But in order to protect themselves hold scoring. Credit scoring is based on the scoring, which appears in the study questionnaire, and filled with borrowers when applying application. The system of credit scoring is used when a given mortgage loan, as is the simplified system analysis creditworthiness of potential customers. For the application of scoring (scoring applicant), which aims to assess the creditworthiness of the borrower when the loan is secured by real estate, you must highlight the following data: age, presence and number of dependents, occupation, value pledged object, income, whether he was previously a client of the bank. In each of the credit institution or bank has a scoring range of issues and so if one place does not give credit for an apartment, then another possible loan will without any delay.