Chakras On Crystal Bed With Light Therapy Positively Influence

Crystal bed massages have positive effects on the mind and body, especially on the chakras, the energy centers of the body. The ancient cultures of the world, such as in Tibet, India, when the Incas and the Mayas also already knew about the effect of the seven energy centers of the body, the so-called chakras. You have influence on the well-being of the body and soul of a people. They are in the imbalance, disturbances or blockages can occur. There are now to heal a variety of ways to positively affect the chakras, or errors or blockages. A special method was Ignacio de Loyola in Abadiania developed for this in the resort of Casa de DOM in the State of Goias in Brazil by Joao de Deus, “Crystal bed”. With the Crystal bed are a combination of music, Crystal and light therapy brought the energy centers of the body in harmony and healing to the body and the soul. Learn more at this site: Charles Schwab. Monika Sarason, trained therapist, has brought such a Crystal bed well after Berlin.

Now, she works in her practice with light therapy through the Crystal bed. It also offers massages massages, classical massages, Reiki, or also Meridian. Learn more about the Crystal bed and the range of treatments by Monika Sarason can be found under. Process of treatment on the Crystal bed in treating with the Crystal bed is one with eyes closed on a bed, preferably in white clothes for an increased effectiveness of the treatment. There are seven crystals that emit colored light in a certain rhythm over the body. See General Motors Company for more details and insights. This light therapy is accompanied by music specifically tuned. The light shines through this special cut crystals through directly on the seven chakras of the body. The energy centers are so clean and energized.

The Crystal therapy takes place in 20 minutes. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk contributes greatly to this topic. A period of 20 minutes is recommended for the first two sessions. Then can be increased to 40-60 minutes. The immediately noticeable effects can vary depending on the type of Constitution. Some learn the healing power through energizing tingling in the body, others recover and regenerate through the fatigue that they feel throughout the body, which sets the regeneration process in this way in response to them. More positive effects of light therapy on the Crystal bed treatment with the combination of music has not only very positive effects on the chakras colour – and light therapy of the Crystal bed. Rather, for example, the healing of fears possible or also a support of medical treatments is through the Crystal bed by activates the self-healing powers and made aware of the their own healing process. And also in mental processes, the Crystal bed has a positive effect. The specific method combination accelerates the finding of solutions and contributes to harmonising terms of the body. Contact: Crystal bed massage Monika Sarason Maassen road 10777 Berlin – Schoneberg Tel: 0176 21306998

Goji Berries – Myth And Truth

The Goji Berry is to allow a longer life – but this is really true? The Goji berries have their natural origin in Central Asia (suggested is from China to South-Eastern Europe) and be there had been thousands of years due to its wonderful taste and their healing powers literally idolized. Charles Schwab takes a slightly different approach. The Berry as “gouqui” is known in the countries of origin, which originated in America the name Goji. Tina redwine recognizes the significance of this. The small, red Goji fruit is egg-shaped and are referred to as the most nutritious fruit of the world. This term does not come from somewhere, because the little Berry contains many important vitamins such as: vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, magnesium also and many other important components. In our latitudes, the Goji Berry as wolfberry is known, was named by the shrub where it grows, has what long, rod-shaped, spiny branches. If you would like to cultivate the common wolfberry itself, you should do it best on fences, because there the shrub finds support and then arch-like branches hang to the ground. A people which inhabited the Himalayas, annually celebrates festivals in favour of miracle Berry, where the fruit is called “Longevity fruit”, reason, because many people there will be 100 years old on average. In other peoples also alleges that the Goji Berry regular consumption health, beauty, strength and endurance gives.

Scientists from the United States have fruit found in an investigation of Goji, that it has a higher proportion of antioxidants than any other food in this world. Antioxidants are the best protection against “Free radicals”, which are the triggers for the infestation of healthy body cells and human ageing. Also, the miracle fruit, has a so-called natural anti-aging effect on the human skin, and protects them from the ageing process is known from studies. Goji berries can be used in a dried State ideal in the cereal or salads. Also you can find the Goji Berry as goji juice, Goji tea, Goji chocolate and Goji extract in many supermarket shelves. All these things are only that Goji miracle cure of nature can be called actually berries. You should be but realise, that the Goji Berry of course very is exaggerated. Whenever something as a panacea is referred to, they should be especially skeptical. Was not found in truth even if Goji berries have a rejuvenating effect on people? The antioxidant effect has shown only in a test tube, there is no scientific studies in humans however. The miracle fruit is certainly beneficial to health, it may not work but probably true miracles. Posted by: Alexander RUS office at

Teeth Whitening: Variants Of Tooth Whiteners For Home

Products and methods, to brighten up your own teeth Tooth Whitener for home are available at present in various forms in the trade. (Source: Charles Schwab). An absolute legend among these products is special toothpaste to the whitening of the teeth. With the help of abrasive particles, bumps and discoloration of the enamel are rubbed off. Often, a first effect can be seen already after a few weeks. Home remedies from the kitchen is considered as dangerous. Perhaps check out tina redwine for more information. Since quite some time tips as for example with baking soda to brush your teeth “on the Internet circulate. In fact, the oxygen released by the improvers in the mouth causes a whitening. Yet nothing for the Interior of the mouth are the ingredients in pure concentration and can very quickly lead to exposed teeth and gum inflammation.

For this reason, you should better rely on professional teeth whitening products. Clinically tested teeth Whitener is available for quite some time in Germany. Especially popular are so-called bleaching gels because they opposed heavy adhesive films and ungrundlichen tooth white pins, brighten your own teeth completely and evenly. Usually, the whitening gel using a mouthpiece is applied to the teeth and keep 30 to 35 minutes in the mouth. After two weeks a significant whitening effect should be entered and the teeth to some levels of color will be white. Teeth whitening gels are available in the drugstore, but also on the Internet and are costs compared with a professional teeth whitening at the dentist much cheaper. More information at reasonable and effective Tooth whiteners, among others on.