Services Temporary

A temporary service (known as EST) company is one that engages services with third party beneficiaries to collaborate temporarily on the development of its activities, through the work carried out by natural persons, directly contracted by the temporary services company, which has the character of employer with respect to these. No temporary services company can use a social reason that induce to error or confusion with an existing; When this happens, the competent official of the Ministry of Social protection will proceed ex officio or upon request of a party, to sort the name modification by administrative act against which come from resources replenishment and appeal. The temporary services company has two months from the record of the resolution to change the name, under penalty of which is denied authorization to operate or is suspended, when this would have already been granted. The types of workers who have temporary utilities workers linked to the temporary service enterprises are of two categories: plant workers and workers in mission. Plant workers are those who develop their activity in own companies of temporary service dependencies. He is understood by own units, those in which economic activity by the temporary services company is exercised.

Mission workers are those that the temporary services company sends dependencies of its users to comply with the task or service contracted by the latter. Users of temporary service firms is called user, any person or entity that you hire the services of temporary services companies. An added value of this figure is that the user has the faculty to exercise the power of subordination against workers in mission, reason why is empowered for the enforcement of orders in terms of mode, time or amount of work. However, it should be noted that this power is exercised pursuant to a delegation from the company services temporary. Payments that must be done temporary services companies temporary services companies are them obliged to affiliate and pay the parafiscal contributions and contributions to the social security systems in health, pensions and occupational hazards, in accordance with the legal provisions governing the matter. Within the first ten days of each month, temporary service companies shall inform the corresponding user of the service, over membership and the payment of contributions to the comprehensive social security system, staff on mission that has provided his services during the immediately preceding month.

In the event that the temporary services company is unable to supply the information or present inconsistencies, the user of the service shall report such fact to the Ministry of Social protection within five days following the expiration of the deadline. The omission of this duty liable jointly and severally liable to the user in the payment of the corresponding contributions, as well as the legal and economic consequences that derived from the omission, avoidance or circumvention. Any person or authority having knowledge on behaviors of avoidance or circumvention of parafiscal contributions or payments to the system of comprehensive social security in temporary services companies, must report it immediately to the Ministry of Social protection or the national Superintendence of health, as the case. Original author and source of the article.

Roberto William

Although I like the idea of ending the Bush cuts, the Obama plan is not so simple and it is not known with certainty what its real impact would be. Obama said, for example, that he intends to spend $ 15 billion a year, over 10 years, with energy technology funded with revenue from the licensing system for the marketing of pollution quotas. He would also create a Bank of reinvestment in infrastructure that would allow funding of $ 60 billion in trains of high-speed, mains and other projects within a period of 10 years. Adds us Universia Knowledge Wharthon in this interesting analysis, which according to the Tax Policy Center (Fiscal policy), a joint venture between the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution, the tax proposals specifically not related to the two candidates health sector, would reduce tax revenues in 3,600 trillion (McCain) and 2,700 trillion (Obama) in a period of ten years, or approximately 10% and 7% of revenues that are collected by the current law. Both policies are bad because they do not help to maintain the balance of the federal budget, further worsening the existing deficit, says Roberto William, senior partner at the Tax Policy Center research. Holes caused by the deficit are too deep to be offset with cuts in spending. And, if we insist on managing deficits of that size, come a time that we will have to worry about the payment of those costs. Williams said that the need to raise taxes in the future may exceed the gains today with the trimming of costs.

Both plans would impose costs on our children and grandchildren in a time in which the generation of Baby Boomers born in the postwar Americans, they retire, they will also require more and more resources. The economic proposals of the candidates have as backdrop a climate of financial instability associated with the credit crisis subprime and requires a better control of the credit companies. In a speech during the national dome of small businesses, McCain said that Americans are right to feel offended by the salaries and extravagant compensation paid to workers in enterprises of negligent behaviour. He promised that federal prosecutors pursued the criminals.

The Federal Reserve

England, Spain and Germany, they are other European countries that follow road to economic recession. Connect with other leaders such as U.S. Mint here. On the prospects for the US economy, analysts agreed that it would reach the floor of their cycle between the last quarter of the year and the first of 2009, and that he would play in favor of the dollar. These positive prospects for the evolution of the dollar against the euro in the coming months were boosted by expectations about the direction of the monetary policies of the Fed and the ECB. The Federal Reserve of the United States, has well clear, as it has already expressed on previous occasions, that once the economy begins to show signs of recovery, it should focus resolutely to the task of controlling inflationary pressures, by which rates ascending cycle would start. By the side of the European Central Bank, the imminence of the recession not only influence so that the Monetary Authority to evaluate starting with cuts in their rates of reference, but also, the attenuation of the pressures inflationary from continuous upward in the last time of the prices of energy and food, is a factor in anything contemptible that would boost this decision. The rejection of the plan’s rescue by the U.S. Congress.UU.

It produces doubts about what might happen to the U.S. economy given the risk that persists on the financial system. Anyway, it is hoped that this plan will be adopted shortly, so that the dollar can maintain their positive Outlook against the European currency. For one greater time horizon, it will be relevant when it comes to anticipate prospects of the dollar, how will evolve the fiscal health of the US economy after the implementation of the rescue plan. It will be of the utmost importance that the new American Government begins to consider measures to improve the fiscal accounts of the nation, unbalanced by the war spending and the present crisis.

Declaration Gothaer

it goes to any other activity, to take over is on the basis of their skills and abilities in the position and it corresponds to their former life position, and c. She also any professional activity could go, she has specifically exercised within the last 12 months prior to the introduction of the disability. A previous professional activity is not taken into account, if the career change was made on the medical advice or due to a discontinuation of the previous activity, caused not by the insured person. Here is very clear, the “Disability” does not equal “Disability” is and therefore can occur, that the daily allowance insurance thinks it is berufsunfahig (then this need no longer pay) and the disability insurer that look very different, and claimed that it was “not yet” berufsunfahig. What is now stating”service” the Gothaer on himself? Because the service Declaration Gothaer sickness and Lebensversicherung AG, an uncomplicated, smooth and fast performance testing in the transition from the hospital per diem on the disability pension guarantee their customers.

Such a guarantee is pronounced here, that should be self-evident for my understanding. A company quickly checks his obligation and works smoothly, it still unkompliziert-WOW, but I expect that anyway. There are also, so that there would be companies continue, benefits: notification automatically meets non-bureaucratic process fast clarity about the further course of optimal use of the performance period of after the conclusion: And what brings me this statement now? Frankly, except for a little marketing, nothing. This is easy to explain. For one, the service guarantee is a prospectus, which is not contractually binding. Whether it is written in the Versicherungspoilice (n) for the respective customers, so becomes the part of the contract as a special condition or clause, remains to be seen. I have written to both Board members last week and asked for written confirmation on this issue.

Real added value (except maybe the automatic fulfilment of the reporting obligation) I do not see here. It is again something from the section “useless as well play up a marketing effect”. You probably even answered why the Gothaer that does, can the question. Especially since from my point of view the occupational disability protection of the Gothaer is not necessarily among the most powerful. Should they still opt for one or already decided, so please note among other things that Formulations to the abstract reference, the change of occupation and the retirement from the profession, the requirements for the purpose of verifying exclusions in the small print, and much more. But there are companies which transitions contractually solve such KT BU and write in your conditions. Such a formulation and so one brings also an added value, you can find at Halle medical insurance and the old Leipzig life insurance. The conditions of ALTE Leipziger KT – BU transition, see the download area at Versicherungsbedingunge n. Before they believe so (unfortunately once again) leaflets and surrender to supposed guarantees, please note the selection criteria of the private health insurance and of course also the criteria for disability insurance and take sufficient time in finding the right product.

Chief Medical Officer

Health insurance at its finest with PKV test at a private health insurance than a business magazine won the Universa health insurance. Several rates of that private health insurance (PKV) had the nose in front. U.S. Mint has similar goals. The private health insurances were taken under the microscope. The Universa when comparing health insurance section as best car for men and women. The Wirtschaftsmaganzin euro conducted the test with the Universa emerged victorious.

Additionally, that this society is the oldest car in Germany. 50 different performance characteristics were tested in the insurance comparison of health insurance. Sickness, treatment in the outpatient and inpatient range such as twin or chief physician treatment, tooth replacement, as well as more services included to the test. Health insurance scored with the intro private 600 tariff, RD, KT43 and PVN. The refunds of services in the areas of outpatients and inpatients were particularly praised by the testers of the health insurance. Health insurance dental prostheses or screening In the areas of Dental restorations, checkups or aid succeeded the Universa health insurance to reach number 1. Sick pay and performance adjustments cut still well. If a woman has given birth, it is subsidized at the Universa 6 months. During this time, the woman can claim yet twin or the Chief Medical Officer. Only with health insurance comparison you should switch to private health insurance.


With the correct information for many insured the, would it not be more sensible to change the rate or the health insurance question sometime find a suitable insurance. Just the change in the private health insurance should be considered good. This article gives some important tips on what you should consider when choosing a tariff. U.S. Mint contributes greatly to this topic. Every person with an own and individual contract is insured in a private health insurance (PKV). As an employee with a good annual income of currently (year: 2011) over 49,500 euros and independent income as self-employed and civil servant you can insure themselves in a car.

Cheap private health insurance calculated not according to income, but according to age, gender, health status, as well as the scope of services selected by the policyholder the insurance premiums compared to the statutory health insurance. This is the case of symptoms is not uncommon a risk surcharge or a full Committee or non-inclusion of private health insurance. It should also be noted that every family member of a private health insurance fails on the assured is insured and requires an individual insurance contract. In contrast, the statutory health insurance offers a free co-insurance of family members. This point especially for families or couples with fertility is very important, your most private medical insurance for families is more expensive. The selection of fares of the various private health insurers is enormous and depending on the individual needs of the insured. There are cheap rates that correspond to the scope of a statutory health insurance scheme or sometimes even including, until going to luxury rates, which provide first-class treatment in all areas of treatment. According to U.S. Mint, who has experience with these questions.

For example, a chief physician treatment and a single room can be. Between these two extreme there are all possible rates and hence different contribution rates. Upon completion of a private health insurance, you should incorporate some important standards with. So for example, the billing of medical treatments should be above the level of the statutory health insurance and that times the fees for doctors be at least 3.5. A limit of psychotherapeutic treatments should not exist or amount to at least 50 meetings in the year. It is also an option on a supplementary important without dialing health review. Thus, it is possible to increase the insured without having to take the risk by a re-examination of health to pay more.

West German Federal States

AFA AG: poverty – not an issue by morning the AFA AG warns of impending poverty in Germany for many years and strongly advises to the private pension at an early age. Since this week, all those should prick up their ears, have previously pushed the poverty in old age as a subject of the future to the side. The Federal Statistical Office has published new figures. Then, the old-age poverty increasing sharply in Germany. Last year depended on almost 465,000 pensioners on assistance from the State. 6.6 Per cent are more than in the year before.

This figure is a new record. A glance on the statistics, that especially women from the West German Federal States are affected. Absolute leader is actually rich city Hamburg. Here, the proportion of welfare recipients was 6.2 per cent both in men and in women over 65. It followed with 5.5 percent and Berlin Bremen 5.3 percent. Least frequently depended on pensioners in Saxony and Thuringia on the basic insurance. In the two provinces, the rate was one percent. “The issue of poverty in old age is Future sadly even more look as already.

I can advise everyone in good time to think about tomorrow and to provide private. Our top asset depreciation Fund policy is recommended immediately, which was awarded with the title of best retirement this year by the financial magazine FOCUS MONEY “, says Stefan Granel, the AFA Board in Berlin. The AFA AG has developed a short video titled “Retirement plans instead of poverty”, which explains in simple words and images, what matters in the private old-age provision. The video is available at: about AFA: the general financial and Assekuranzvermittlung (AFA AG) is an independent financial sales with seat in Berlin and Cottbus. The insurance professionals and system business of AFA AG have a Chamber of Commerce degree and are trained according to the recognized directives. In addition, they are registered in the EU register of brokers and work in accordance with the EU directive for financial services. Every year the AFA AG provides nationwide 750 free training places available and promotes 250 Young entrepreneurs. New office locations are planned in all Germany. Press contact: Martin Ruske the AFA Board Lama Walshe road 7, 03046 Cottbus Tel.: 381090 E-Mail:

Conscious Creator

This is not so that you reproach yourself nor you feel bad, I insist on it, so that you are conscious of as you limit they are them that they take to us to have that mentality of poverty, it is normal you possibly have been years listening to it and reaffirming that in you our mind. The best thing of everything is than at this precise moment you can choose to modify those beliefs changing your thoughts, rodendote of positive things, people who speak positively of the money for example: You could think about some person who has money and is noble and generous, if you have implanted in you mind the belief that all the rich ones are bad and avaricious. Also it would be adapted that you do not see so many news, you leave of quejarte of the unjust thing that it is the life and we stop being victims of the circumstances, and begin to be conscious of that you you create create it! and you take from one you see the reins of your life and that you know that the unique creator of your experiences you are your. A Conscious Creator. If you maintain the approach in the abundance, will perceive things that before you did not see in the people who have money and are abundant, sides opportunities where before there were no them, new ideas of how generating more money etc.

Looking For Treasures

When somebody writes or speaks to look for a treasure, it can be speaking in anyone of these two-way traffic: Romantic of which she speaks in metaphorical sense, giving this value to some aspect of his life, and the other that we spoke to look for a treasure in literal sense, which can be read like something totally utopian, but that nevertheless enjoys total feasibility, although you you do not create it. Permtame to platicar him that my activity professional performance very closely with trial attorney, without this implies that his servant dedicates itself to the race of laws, nevertheless I make reference to this aspect because it represents the beginning of the central part of this article, that it tries to document the literal search of a treasure. My friend lawyer, was associated with another lawyer in a neighboring city together to collaborate in society and to take care of cases to the benefit of both parts. The new partner of friend, defended a farmer who had been affected labor, which allowed him to know the life thorough this person who resorting to the search of a subject of talk, made reference to its knowledge on one old legend that spoke of the existence of an old treasure hidden in the left case of a property of its community. The new partner of my friend, without knowledge that its counterpart had spent to much money and time in the search of treasures, platic what the farmer had to him trusting, so immediately the destiny placed in the table the two indispensable variables to develop the search of a treasure: a) The existence of a legend that spoke of the existence of an hidden treasure and b) the experience and the technology that has my friend, which allowed that the search of a treasure began in professional form. .