Las Vegas

Those with more time who want more involvement with nature should consider visiting Antarctica or the Arctic regions (which ideally would have about three weeks). So perhaps the last in a long distance cruise around the world cruise, which normally take three to four months (most ships offering complete around the world cruises there are about 15 in 2005 sail between January and April away from winter). Norma: Have you had a bad experience on a cruise, and if so, please describe. Douglas: I had many bad experiences, but most of them can not be written, and most have been aboard ships and cruise lines that no longer exist or have changed their names. However, there have been some nasty transatlantic crossings (I have done 152 of them), when the weather can throw some unexpected wrenches into what normally is perhaps a wonderfully relaxing way to travel between the Old and New Worlds. Norm: After deciding on a special cruise, how do you think of the cruise and what important elements you should look for? Douglas: Make sure you choose the perfect size ship for your needs. Want to be with 100, 500, 1000, or 3000 other passengers? Want to experience cruising under sail, the especialistaprofesores cruise on board a ship with spa facilities, programs for large-scale production (in the style of Las Vegas), lots of gambling, or shopping opportunities? Whatever cruise you choose, try to make travel arrangements as simple as possible. Sometimes the simple act of going to and from your chosen cruise ship (or embarkation point) can be frustrating.