It was a cow. Not a special cow, only one good white cow of black spots and enormous shining eyes. It chewed without haste some green canudos of capim cool, that they emanated a light one I smell of clorofila. The sun esquentava its coasts, and it would perceive this if it had some conscience, but it did not have. The focus of its then called ' ' ateno' ' , due to more accurate terms, it was a block of abandoned engine.

Its black eyes reflected the metal body, that had a ugly tone of black mixed ash and rust, since that was there made a good time. It breathed slowly, it was bent down, it torn a new portion of food of the soil and came back to face the object. Times behind, this same cow was the biggest joy of a family. The father, after the consuming of one day of work, quickly walked until the center of the village, five currencies accumulated in its callous hands. He felt a tip of joy in its chest, finally would bring some type of progress for the life of its needy family, so equal to as much others. The money gotten with the work generally he was used to feed seven mouths, that lived hungry. They would be eight if the youngest son had avenged, and the man asked if to the times, at its rare moments of reflection, if this really had been a bad thing. Feeling the sweat sprouting in its forehead, finally its destination arrived, to the arquejos.

Caixote saw one gentleman seated in one wooden, holding three ropes, each one moored flabbily in the neck of three almost esquelticas cows, two threshed and one brown. How much it wants for the cows, asked the Mr. who seemed to cochilar, two gold currencies for each one, answered the other with a cracked voice.

Baron Victor Frankenstein

It counts History, that during the years of the Roman persecution to Christians, a Centurion persecuted and reached to Santa ngela and with its sword it clipped Mama of Santa, who fell blood-stained, San Pablo picks up the gland and Re-implanta, before the overwhelmed one watched of the soldier, who flees terrified and must be fleeing until now, is the remote antecedent but of Trasplante, because neither in the Nei-Ching, nor in the Papyruses of Smith, nor in the Their route slogan a similar fact. Also 300 years the twin DC, doctors San Damin and San Cosme, clip the leg of the guardian of a Parisian Church, that suffered of a Tumor and they are replaced to him by the healthy leg of an Ethiopian, deceased a day before, this was known in s.XIII thanks to the story of Jacques de Vorgine, for that reason who these persecuted Saints at the time by Diocleciano, they are today.

Employers of Doctors and Surgeons. In s. XIX, an adolescent of 16 years Mary Shelley the novel wrote on young Baron Victor Frankenstein, its assistant Fritz and their obsession by Crear galvanic Life using current, was delayed 2 years, in writing it and ends up relating the reality that lived the scientists on the time robbing or buying corpses, mainly of delinquent hanged people, to be able to make their experiments, was not a literary fiction of this young person, but the reflection of a reality, many doctors, chemicals, physicists looked for that utopia, that in the case of the Baron it finishes, when revived – that never a name had rebels against creative his , destroys all the Laboratory, kills its fianc2ee, friendly, dies Victor and the Horrible Monster commits suicide. But it is just in 1963, when the Dr. Starzl in Denver to a boy of 3 years obtains Resucitar, who lay dying by a Cirrhosis of Laennec, TRANSPLANTING to HIM the Liver of another boy with encephalic death, the small patient survived 5 hours, the second patient managed to survive 22 days, in as much in Louvain (Brussels) in that same year became the first Renal Transplant with the healthy Kidney of a young person with cerebral or encephalic death, beginning the era of SURGERY TRASPLANTOLOGICA, from a deathly pale donor, soon extends to Lungs, Heart, Marrow, Corneas, Pncreas, weaves, sinews, valves, skin, bones etc.

ERP Companies

– Among the reasons for this: the inability to use it effectively to count cost of ownership, failure to understand that it enables the business process. " In this case there are positive aspects: the absence of excitement associated with it outsourcing services, enables regional customers to objectively assess their need for external it services, rather than follow fashion trends of the market and strive for the it mode. In general, according to Denis Matveev, regions are often more rational approach to working with outside companies for the exploitation of it infrastructure. Another view is held by the director of "tehnologic" (Novosibirsk) Oleg Kokorin. In his opinion the demand for it outsourcing market is continuously growing, while the proposal by qualified and competent companies are not keeping pace with this demand – many it companies are focused on Western market and do not consider the local market as deserving of attention. Recently, the trend to outsource services to make corporate e-mail and server administration. Most often, companies give it outsourcing is not the key to business projects. Separately are the development, implementation of software and technical support.

Currently, the most relevant types of it outsourcing are these directions – from support own previously developed and implemented software to install, configure, and further maintenance of third-party programs. In this sector providers of it solutions are much more willing to take up large long-term projects, which include marketing and analysis, and design and programming, and implementation of software and its continued support. And so on outsourcing more and more automation are given to various business processes, creation and implementation of crm, ERP-systems, which requires experienced analysts, programmers and managers who possess the necessary technology. Demand for them is very large, so it is unlikely that the company that decides to implement erp on its own, can find such professionals. "Creating the implementation team at the expense of enlarging their own IT-structure is simply not profitable. The development of such systems is the strength of a year or two, and after the system into operation a huge dying from lack of it department begins to simply ruin their employers "- argues Valentin Mayura. In addition, there is still reason to not trust their own staff development and introduction of heavy systems. A few months after launching the project the cost of maintenance and refinement of established professionals typically increases several times – this is due mainly to an increase in the level of competence and professional staff in proportion to the increasing demands on wages.

Housing Mortgage Lending Russian

Average mortgage rates continued to rise in Russia *. Over the past week (from February 27 to March 2, 2009) rates on ruble loans changed 0.13%, rates for dollar loans has changed 0.02%. Depending on the time crediting the following changes: * The ruble-denominated loans term loan of up to 5 years the rate has changed by 0.13 percentage points – 15.16% to 15.29% * The loan term of 5 to 15 years the rate has changed by 0.11 percentage points – 15.64% to 15.75% * The term credit from 15 to 30 years the rate has changed by 0.13 percentage points – 15.26% to 15.39% Currency Loans (U.S. $) * When the term loan of up to 5 years the rate has changed by 0.01 percentage points – 13.19% to 15.20% * The loan period from 5 to 15 years of interest rate unchanged at 0.01 percentage points – 13.21% to 13.22% * The loan term from 15 to 30 years the rate has changed by 0.03 percentage points – 13.63% to 15.66% * Market Index mortgage rates (IRIS), calculated from the rates of the program for purchase second homes in apartment buildings of 50 leading Russian banks. Of 'the regional agency for Housing Mortgage Lending Russian housing need 5-10 years to restore the pre-crisis levels of prices. This is evidenced Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.

"It's not restored, these prices do not come back, and this boom in the next 5-10 years will not be ', – commented the official, adding that before the crisis, the national housing annually added to 50-100% of intrinsic value. Russian housing need 5-10 years to restore the pre-crisis levels of prices. This is evidenced by the Vice Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. "It's not restored, these prices do not return, and a boom in the next 5-10 years will not be ', – commented the official, adding that before the crisis, the national housing annually added to 50-100% of intrinsic value. 'Price per square meter apartment in a 15-20 non-elite thousand dollars has been shaken up, overheated. Now, when excitement was sleeping, there was a correction in prices. And it is clear that these prices will not return ", – noted in this connection, Alexei Kudrin.

Design Cafe. Elegant And Ergonomic Design .

In the regeneration of your cottage or office a list of the most important nuance is the interior decoration. Because the interiors of premises – this is not just a selection of color palette and style, but also the formation of a truly practical space, then such a nuance is crucial in each building. If the desktop study the most important is the formation of a certain style, plus the maximum use of each centimeters, for an apartment, for example, greater comfort and exterior aesthetics. Exactly the same is valuable, for example, when designing a bar or cafe. A person must feel comfortable as possible – both physically terms, and psychologically. By and large, the interior design of offices and apartments is different is not particularly significant.

The leading difference between them – is spaced main emphasis, as well as counting all required elements. That more important in a particular case, it will really center of a design. And thus it is necessary to ensure adequate coverage, filling in those places or other details, the acoustics. But, of course, very much may depend on the personality of the man who becomes the recipient of the project decor. After all, in any interior color selection is very important and the motive, and it is directly dependent on the nature of the client and the general purpose of the premises. Say, the office is important to create the most ergonomic location for the house – the most comfortable. However, a study must also be better planned and optimum comfort for employees, and clients. Knowingly believe on clothes.

Offices in this value is no exception. A client comes into an organization that subconsciously draw greater attention to design your own room. And often decide to directly dependent on the fact whether he was pleased at the office. At present, registration of premises – this is extremely serious and long-term orientation of the operation. Talent accommodate medium-sized space as possible large number of objects and thus provide a sense of comfort and relaxation – this is that the starting point from which may begin the design of cafe and, in fact – the design of buildings. Planning out the next design office, apartment, restaurant or any other building, it is best to go behind the creation of design to the professionals. Only an experienced stylist can create an interior that would satisfy all hygiene, standards and at the same time would be most attractive, functional and comfortable.

The Fundamental Trading Strategy (waiting For The Real Motion

Harness the power of Forex, which gives the-clock work of the market! Let's start with the fact that according to a survey of the Bank for International Settlements, the United Kingdom is the most active trading center, which account for 31% of trade. Throw in Germany, France and Switzerland, get 42% of all currency trading. The U.S. accounts for about 19% of total turnover. This makes the opening of London's crucial, because most traders an opportunity to capitalize on events and announcements that occurred in late U.S. session and during the Asian session.

The British pound most actively traded against the U.S. dollar During the European and London trading hours, as well as the moment of crossing the U.S. and European sessions. This gives you the opportunity to catch the original real directional movement that occurs during the first hours London, as well as the U.S. session. This trading strategy exploits the presumption of American and English traders, known as the Hunter's feet.

This means that the motion in the first minutes opening in London or America is usually false. But when all the stops careless traders are taken, begins the true motion of the pair according to the general trend. Whatever trading system you use, make sure before entering the market, confirm the rules of this strategy. Rules out a real strategy of the movement: For a long position Pinpoint the start of the European session for your time zone. Wait, when the pair will The new range minimum, which, at least 25 points below the opening price (the range is the price movement between the Frankfurt and London opening). The pair then turns around and easily penetrates the maximum. Put order to buy at 10 points above the maximum range. Put a protective "brake" about 20 points on your order. When the current yield more than twice the amount that you risked safely increase the position pulling the "stop" to breakeven. For a short position Pinpoint the start of the European session for your time zone. gbp / usd opened in Europe, and traded more than 25 points above the peak between Frankfurt and London opening. The pair then turns around and punches easily at least. Put a sell order at 10 pips below the low range. Put a protective "brake" about 20 points on your order. When the current yield more than twice the amount that you risked safely increase the position, pulling the "stop" to breakeven.