Because although we continue giving our trust to the system and grasp of him, at the same time distrust of him and even We know that it is no longer sustainable. Many people to live at ease they would want or work less or earn more, and this is the majority of the population in the entire planet and many more would like at least some opportunity to be productive. Runs the blind rumor that economy is decaying, even says that capitalism has to fall and give way to the old systems of Exchange and barter to live and these are the events that should come predicted by prophecy. And it is believed more in those lies and least propositional systems that generate real change. The truth is that there are many prophecies that say various things and the truth is that it is economic system already does not work in any way (if you ever worked in any way).Truth also is that the economy has had people impoverished from the beginning of time and little has evolved in that aspect. But still believed the lie that we have evolved a lot. And the only truth is that this economy retrograde and based on the gain of few at the expense of many is a total disaster for the daily life of the average of a human being in the whole planet, because adults (and even many children in some countries) do battle (they struggle, they wage war) fairly daily to achieve independence, freedom, security and peace of mind by itself in the financial aspect of his life and loved or even to be able to help the entire community. So it is a real disaster you might say at the bottom of everything, the cause of the violence, hatred and sadness that lingers in a large part of the population, must be due to that retrograde system and selfish. .