US Foreign Debt

U.S. has "astronomical" in an amount not maturing foreign debt. To prevent further collapse in the economy, need huge additional funds. Take them nowhere, and printed machine will be included on a regular basis, discounting the already "weightless" dollar. When and what it all end? Result is the collapse of the Anglo-American financial system, and the disappearance of the dollar as currency. It will happen after the announcement of U.S. default and the division of property that, once a mighty empire, among the creditors.

That, in this situation, in any case should not be done in Russia? Export their products and, primarily, energy for U.S. dollars. "Better", at least, more secure, distribute the "free", has been agreed conditions than to sell for dollars. Should be rapidly and radically change the monetary policy, strengthened the ruble at times, to against the dollar. Otherwise impaired, the dollar collapsed, bury themselves under the ruble, which is already, at thirty-five times cheaper than him.

Everyone is asking: where is the bottom of this crisis, and when we reach it? He has generally not bottom, or rather the bottom is, but it's the bottom lift, in which we all are. Elevator went down, pressing the printing press, and each, a subsequent press will hasten his flight into the abyss. Who was the first "come off", he will break smaller than the others. All remaining in the elevator – an eternal memory, and a pleasant flight. Civilizational crisis. This is a crisis of public relations and, above all the state system. ick here.