The Exchange

It felt only and only during the actual income – the occurrence of pleasure as it excites Sensors vessel. For example, we bought the apartment. While there is new to us (for our vessel) pleasure from the contemplation of itself, from its facilities, etc. – our desire to experience pleasure. But after a few months, these feelings blunted. And again we have to start chasing the next delight. A mortgage will have to return twenty-five to thirty years. How to achieve the continuous enjoyment of continuous flow of pleasure a vessel desires? In the era of subsistence economy, each family (clan) was filled with their wishes on their own, without interacting with others.

Later, people realized that the more effectively it can be done by filling specialization and exchange the products of labor, through the exchange of pleasures. Figuratively speaking, between the vessels appeared tubes for circulation of pleasure. However, due to nature of selfish desires of each vessel (people) wanted 'Suck' more than to give. As a result, each 'sucked' enjoyment, as much as he could, and circulation has stopped. Remained the only way to get extra pleasure – take it away from others by competition hatred and war. This is the cause of global crisis. Thus, the path of 'sucking' a pleasure led to the cessation of their more or less normal income. But the force vector can be the desire to change, modify the 'suction' to myself 'Transfer' out. However, if it will make only a few vessels, the rest quickly and happily lick them.