Less Advertising Budget

Everyone knows that the more money you put into advertising, the greater will be the return on your business, of course, if properly carried out an advertising campaign. In addition, each company with not very large free budget, is trying to save a little on advertising. In this article we will examine how the returns depend as potential customers for money, when advertising the site. So, let us discuss the situation in the following example. Let firm selling televisions, let's call her "Elephant", wanted to order a web site promotion, and let the company has opened recently, and, consequently, a large budget for advertising is not. In any company providing such service, they offer are not very expensive queries, so as not to lose a client. In this situation, subjects are very competitive, and the amount already in the 20 000r:) will be invited to pieces 6 queries such as "buy a TV sumsung", "buy a TV philips", "buy lcd TV "and the like, the total number of hits which will amount to thousands of 5-7 per month, of which has yet to be taken away from other regions shows that and so on.

Such impressions will give 15-20 visitors a day on the advertised site. Now increase the budget for advertising the site to 30 000-35 000. It will have more serious demands, such as "buy a TV" (12 883 hits / mo.) Or "lcd television philips" (4565 hits / month.). Here, of course, have to take impressions of requests, including this phrase, but still get thousands of hits net 15-20 on all proposed request, and visitors to the site by "Elephant" is the number of impressions will give 60-80 per day. That is – the budget increased by 50-75% (1.5 times), and the influx of visitors increased in 3 or 4 times, that is 200-300%. It is pleasant .. Now we ruin-ka "Elephant" thousands more at 70, that is, say, its advertising budget of 100 000, may well, of course, and 150 000, here we all depend on nerve to the company, which ordered ads site.

For the money to cover all the largest related to the word "television" (494 795 hits / mo.), Including himself! Excluding all regions except Moscow and the region, as well as all sorts of requests are not included, we get the most It is estimated about 150 000 hits / month. only at the request of "television", which gives about 500 (we take the bare minimum) of potential buyers on TV advertised site. Thus, increasing the budget even with a 30 000r 125 000 (take average), that is 4 times, we have visitors in 7 times (500/70), as compared with an initial budget of 20 000 when it increased by 6 times, we get to 25 (500/20) times more compared to the original, visitors to the site being promoted, and is at such a primitive evaluation where all data were taken in the direction of understating the final result. Of course, the estimates in this example, the rough, too much, but the overall picture painted is interesting, so it's worth wonder what the budget allocated for advertising services and whether to save them.