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From a fixed or remote control units supplied to the command adhesive. At This falls on the head kleenesuschey container sealing liquid, the head of the rail guide moves to the top of the zone applying adhesive. Included feeding the adhesive, and the head is in motion on the guide does glue on the surface of PVC sheet strips in increments of 12.5 mm. At the end of the zone gluing head automatically stops the bolt capacity fluid rises and closes the slats of taps kleeraspredelitelnoy contact with air. The head begins to move in the opposite direction, Activated water supply, which, through the nozzle is applied to the surface of the slabs, as a hardener for the adhesive. After laying on styrofoam plates kleenaneseniya process and the water is repeated.

Thus, the two mounting tables, served one Painting Heating head, going to two stacks of panels. Then the foam is placed on the PVC sheet and collected Sandwich panels are moved to the area of the conveyor compression. In the technology piecemeal assembly of weakness forming a panel in the press. To achieve the required bond strength bar one component polyurethane glue, the duration of this process can be up to 4 hours depending on the type of adhesive and bonding surfaces. The production process is on the line similar to the process stream such as the production of steel sandwich panels for semi-automated line, with the proviso that no PVC profiled roll after unwinding from the drum.

Technological equipment production line, depending on the type and degree of technology automation there are several possible variants of technological equipment, which will include the following items: 1. Apparatus for laminating PVC sheets with protective film. (Optional) 2. Set for submission water, which is a hardener for hydraulically glue (optional) 3. Apparatus for applying adhesive 4. Roller conveyor – drive and supply (option depending on the type of glue installation) 5. Mounting tables 6. Press (options: hydraulic heat press, hand press, pneumatic press) 7. Mechanisms to automate the installation pnevmoprisoskami and build stacks of panels (option). 8. Panel saw for cutting boards to the desired thickness of XPS (option). Also useful option can be format-panel saw for cutting PVC sandwich panels in the strip right size that will allow some customers to save time and money if they do not have their own format and raskroechnogo machine. There are two main factors influencing the performance of the line, you should consider when choosing equipment. The first – the characteristics of adhesive (time survivability rate in technological strength at different temperatures), the second – the maximum thickness of the package blanks are loaded in the press for the production cycle. To implement the technology commercialization of PVC sandwich panel line will need skomplektovannaya as follows: 1. Roll unwinding machine 2. System kleenaneseniya 3. Tracked press 4. The system of cutting the panels. C feasibility study organization of PVC sandwich panels you can find in the report of the Academy Conjuncture of industrial markets “Feasibility study of the PVC sandwich panels.