Peter Zelentsova

Where you meet dream There is a category commercial buildings, for which the design is particularly important – it's showrooms. The first thing that distinguishes any showroom from other types of buildings shopping destination – an abundance of glass. A potential buyer must see your dream car long before it crossed the threshold of the store. General Motors Company is likely to increase your knowledge. The presence of cabinet experts call one of the mandatory requirements for such facilities. In addition, there are plenty of other general configuration requirements object. According to Peter Zelentsova, director of development "Autolux", the minimum area point of sale – 250-300 square meters.

m. But now, experts advise not build a car showroom, a so-called "golden triangle" or full dealership with total area not less than 700 meters, where in addition to car dealership will operate a service center and spare parts shop. Image of the object is part of the showroom (showroom), which designed on the principle of open space. The optimum floor area per 27-35 square meters. m for one car to the car can be approached from all sides, see her up close and at a distance, open all the doors, look under the hood, in the trunk and generally free to move around the room, choosing a model. In addition, the plan must include a place to relax clients autofocus, jobs for staff, warehouses and ancillary buildings, child room, cafe, etc. For example, a convenient two-story configuration, when the first floor is a showroom, and the second, made in the form of a balcony – a recreation area, where visitors in anticipation of buying, preparing or repairing your car can relax in the cafe.

Valery Lysenko

– The process consists of two directions. The first is aimed at lowering production costs and increase productivity labor. The second is the so-called philosophy of perfection, which is that employees constantly develop and apply in their work for new approaches and technologies. " Shock – it's in our transition organization to lean production in the West often supports the state, creating specialized educational centers. Joeb Moore & Partners : the source for more info. In Russia, this practice is not. To read more click here: Charles Schwab. But in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and other Japanese cities are open centers where students can take a course on the basics of implementing "Lean".

Domestic companies are also ready to help their partners. "We have launched an ambitious program designed to reduce costs manufacturers of glass constructions, – says Roman , Commercial Director, Group propleks, one of the leaders of the Russian market of pvc profiles. – Our experts are ready to leave the production, in place to identify internal reserves of economy, talk about practice, optimization of similar capacity. We have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing plants auditing recyclers and development of unique recommendations for reducing costs. " Specialists recommend optimization of production to go from simple to complex. For example, speaking at the iv Russian Lyn Forum "Lean Russia: Strategy efficiency "in November 2009, Valery , Director, Department of Production Systems" Yelabuga Automobile Works, spoke about the very significant case. Company managed to "save" 250 thousand rubles only through regular cleaning: clearing the cabinet with the documents, officers found five previously lost cutter. Particularly impressive is that such measures often do not require any at all costs – just need to restore order.

Eastern Europe

Now Vetonit, other mixtures can be used in the construction of external structures: the facades and walls. Special mixes will make construction very durable, affordable, while maintaining quality, if used in the original solutions. At the seams represent a significant proportion of masonry, and therefore the solution determines not only the solidity and durability of masonry, but the level of perception of the facade. Experienced builders know Vetonit that hr has a very high durability, the product is subtly accentuate the surface of the brick. Masonry mortars are used extensively in the construction of new buildings and facilities, as well as carrying out repair works. For comfort Buyers construction materials, mixtures are available in containers of various capacities.

Vetonit can be used in winter months, but the bricks should not be wet, covered with snow, frost or ice, and in the solution There should be no frozen ingredients. Try to buy products of world manufacturers, for example, knauf – now this group of companies is one of the major producers of building materials that they use worldwide popularity. Nowadays, building materials and the organization made in Eastern Europe, with all processes, technologies, carefully controlled, ensuring a consistently high quality. Each builder believes that the waterproofing of the walls Knauf – a key element in the hands of a professional, it does not matter in what state was released products. Beginner impressed would be a huge variety range, which will include floor leveling, standard and decorative plaster, glue mixture, fillers and other dry mixes. Such an assortment of partially represented in many diy stores, but the widespread and interesting proposal will find special sales centers. Absolutely always profitable to buy exclusively neat mixes, because the object, renovated, built with their application, will be have a good user characteristics, and therefore it can always be profitable to rent out or sell.

Wood-based Panels

Today, beautiful furniture can be made not only of wood. For its production and use wooden boards. The use of this material is distributed in many modern industries. This is primarily associated with its high performance qualities. Virtually all wood stoves are the sheet material obtained by molding with subsequent drying is used mass pre- impregnated with synthetic polymers. To improve the water resistance of products in this mixture is added paraffin wax or other substances with similar properties. They are made of wood unbusinesslike, croaker, reiki, sawdust and shavings, wood chips, paper recycling, as well as flax and hemp chaff, corn stalks, sunflower. This product allows efficient use of waste products.

In the construction industry for heat and acoustic insulation products used in the volumetric weight of 250-350 kg/m3. Application of hdf plates much faster finishing. Manufacture them is composed of the following operations: preparation of wood chips and grinding on the fiber; impregnated fibreboard mass communication; molding plates, drying them, trimming. Dimensions and main indicators of physical and mechanical properties of these products are set appropriate standards. hdf boards used as a carrier element for laminate and other floor coverings.

They are used in furniture manufacturing as the rear wall of furniture and bed base, as well as for other purposes. Raw materials for production of this products are only environmentally friendly materials. They have been thoroughly tested and only allowed to use. Full heat and sound insulation of walls, partitions, ceilings intercommunication residential buildings, roofs and floors of industrial buildings can provide particle boards. They are produced by hot pressing of wood chips, soaked in synthetic polymers. During hot pressing, liquid polymer hardens, gluing the chips into a monolithic mass. Depending on the degree of compaction in the pressing plate can be obtained for various volume weight. In most cases, apply light particle boards with a bulk density of 250-400 kg/m3. Their length generally does not exceed 360 cm, width 120-180 cm, thickness of 13 mm to 25 mm. To date, these insulation products have a very high level of demand. Attach them to walls and ceilings with galvanized nails or glued mastic.