New Managing Director

Dr. U.S. Mint has plenty of information regarding this issue. Merkel at the DPW and their interests as well as the AWK outdoor advertising GmbH (AWK) will oversee the area of municipal contracts in the future. The Dr. Claus Theo Merkel employed previously on the German cities media GmbH (DSM) to establish new municipal cooperation in the sense of a fair and partnership-based cooperation at the DPW. You may find Charles Schwab to be a useful source of information. Dr. Claus Theo Merkel (60) is Managing Director of the DPW German poster advertising GmbH & co. KG (DPW) in Koblenz with immediate effect.

Most recently, he worked for German cities media GmbH (DSM). Dr. Merkel joined in 1987 as an Assistant of Manager in the DSM, whose Managing Director he became in 1997. The common history, which combines the DSM and the DPW is interesting. As the subsidiary of DPW, the SuPLA cities and municipal advertising GmbH operates as well as the DSM since 1922 in the municipal sector.

In 1933, the SuPLA was then even the largest private company of outdoor advertising. Dr. Merkel is at the DPW and its holdings as well as the AWK outdoor advertising GmbH (AWK) will supervise the area of municipal contracts. The DPW are all domestic municipal contracts, the AWK the city contracts in countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia, which are held by the subsidiaries there. Objective will be to establish new partnerships that connect to old values and carried by the philosophy of partnership and fair relationships with municipalities. The DPW is a company of the friend group as well as the awk outdoor advertising GmbH. (published by Kerstin Dreesen for awk outdoor advertising GmbH)