Of course, heavy and thick wool carpet large size cost is very expensive, and besides, I was simply not take with them to their homeland of such goods. So I politely asked the dealer to offer me something more modest. He apparently decided that I was concerned only in size but in any case not at the price, showed a great rug with floral patterns. I am happy nodded and asked how much it costs. What To my surprise, when the price of this rug was almost twice the previous price of a large carpet. Merchant was explained to me with patience adult explaining child well-known truth that a large a carpet woven in the machine, but one that smaller – hands of these masters, and one hundred percent of the strands of silk. Can you imagine: a man hand a few months wove the carpet! And not just weaving, and observed a complex ornamental flower pattern – this is a colossal effort! Sighing, I promised a trader, that will definitely be back for such a beautiful and valuable find.

At that we parted The next few days I skated with different sightseeing tours throughout the country. And of course, shopping took them far from last place. In the city of Fez, we visited the quarter of pottery and blacksmith shop. Hardworking hands of Moroccan artists is born is truly great product! Here you can find anything you want: the original pitchers, ashtrays, decorative dishes and tea sets, candelabra, chandeliers and many other cute little things that keep the traditions and culture of the east.