In this day and age, many things have changed from how they used to be, which may be new and exciting for most. Your favorite girl holding a very special place in the hearts of their owners. It would not be well give the most wonderful girlfriend name, which you can think of? Would not it be great to give the girlfriend a name that would reflect his personality as seen by those who belong to this or title, which would give recognition breed girl? There are actually many names to choose from in books or on the Internet. But in general, as the owner can choose a name which he finds suitable for his girlfriend? Many owners of the girls called their favorite girls with human names. In fact, the enormous fifty percent of diminutives of names – those of men. This above all – is because there are owners who are fascinated certain name, and actually want to baptize someone, or something in this regard so loved the title. Another reason for the names – or the appearance of individuality. Examples in this category – Midnight (to home animal to be a black girl), Fluffy (obviously, if she is fluffy and has a long, soft coat and cheerful) and White (Of course, if a girl – white). Diminutive names based on appearances or personality are amazing twenty percent of all pet name. However, unlike human babies, where parents can decide to wait for a few weeks to see the individuality child before the child's name, the girls need to call more quickly.