International Monetary Fund

Still it must be voted by the Parliament. For the public sector it contemplates lower pays, dismissals, more labor hours and elimination of the allowance increments. It raises the privatization of the assets of the State and to trim the social benefits, the pensions and, for the first time in thirty years, the cost in armament. Also more imposing for the independent ones and the goods of luxury. Two years in the financial abyss: the Greek crisis, step by step.

The Greek Cabinet approved east Wednesday the law project that contains the unpopular set of austerity measures and privatizations for 78,000 million Euros. The law project will have to arrive at the plenary session from the Parliament the next Monday or Tuesday and being submissive voting for its approval Thursday from the next week, according to indicated the Executive in an official notice. In the Cabinet Greek prime minister, Yorgos Papandru, presented/displayed to his ministers the law proposals that accompany the package by measures, and in the meeting Friday was decided that they are sent to the commission of Finances of the Parliament. The minister of Finances, Evangelos Venizelos, announced that east Thursday with js of the mission of the EU will meet, the IMF and of the European Central bank (BCE) in Athens. The final version of the project of law with the measures that will have to vote the Parliament heleno hopes that it is publicadaeste Thursday. Conditional aid the Eurogroup decided the concession to Athens the fifth section of international aid of 12,000 million Euros, but its delivery to the approval by the Greek Parliament of the law submitted that will allow to start up the new plan of adjustment before the 3 of July. After the vote of confidence of Tuesday at night, obtained alone by the majority of socialist deputies, Papandru and Venizelos, they are now prepared to fulfill the exigencies of the European Union, the European Central bank and the International Monetary Fund.