The Culture Of Insurance In Mexico

Nowadays I consider it important to mention this topic since the culture of Mexicans on the topic of insurance is still an inexplorable stage and where the population in general in our country considers them as a luxury product. The products offered by insurance companies in Mexico are motor insurance, (these being the most demanded in our country), damages, liability insurance, business insurance, major medical expenses insurance, safe transport, home insurance, life insurance among others. There are several factors by which Mexicans do not have insurance, and in the majority of cases is not due to lack of economic resources but by ignorance of the benefits of having a protection together with the culture of the Mexican living in the moment, spend their money and not be considered important the fact prevent expenses that could generate some accident, or any incidental fact that affects your heritage or your health. Only seven of every 100 Mexicans have life insurance, five of every 100 have major medical expenses insurance and only four of every 100 homes are protected, what speaks of poverty of this culture in reference with other countries around the world. In our country the involvement of the insurance industry represents only 1.8% of GDP while that in United States more than 7 per cent of gross domestic product, and speaking of life and investment insurance insurance is much more significant difference. Currently it has improved a little culture in comparison to previous years but Mexicans seek care more for our material such as automobile and home goods but we have no awareness of caring for our health or protect the future of our family, we focus more to the tangible and we have no culture of prevention as it could be to require the insurance of medical expensessafe investment safe, or of life.Insurance fulfill a very important social function, since they are an instrument which main purpose is to compensate for the heritage of the people that have been affected in their property or his person by an unexpected event.