Primosten Is Worth A Visit!

Finally, the summer holiday homes and holiday in Primosten – Croatia has begun! And already, one longs for Sun, sea and beach life! Many tourists drive or fly for this reason to the South. Who was already in Italy or Spain and the Ballermann holiday scared has the nose, should take into consideration to better meet Croatia. The island coast with its many swimming facilities and beautiful cities invites you to dream. All Aquarians and Meeresnixen find what you are looking for: A pleasant climate, water sports and Sun where the eye can see! Primosten was once an island, which today is connected by a bridge and a Causeway to the Mainland. The community of Primosten lies on the coastal road between Sibenek and split in Dalmatia. You from the tourism, fishing and the cultivation of wine consists of 6 villages and hamlets where about 3,000 inhabitants, and olives live.

A contemplative existence, that is transferred also to the tourists. 1.761 of the inhabitants live in the main town Primosten. As a guest you must of course somewhere set up their tents. But who has nothing on the hat with the camping and hotels to sterile “, come for a vacation home or a holiday apartment in Primosten in question. Anyone looking for a hotel, which should consult the Web. Tags such as Primosten cottage or apartment Primosten lead quickly to your destination.

On the respective Internet pages you will find all the information you need to make decisions. Whether it should be an apartment or a cottage in Primosten, depends on the needs. In both cases, you can be sure that it will lack a nothing. Through the existing and fully equipped kitchen you can cook times even what is. A vacation rental in Primosten is well suited for singles, as well as for small families. A holiday in Primosten offers families with several children enough space and freedom of development. Four-legged friends with their master are most welcome here!