Approximately a year, almost all children are able to stand freely. In doing so they straddle, because they it is easier to maintain balance. Often, they flop and sit on her ass. After two or three months, they become more nimble. Then start trying to make the first steps, holding hands on the first desk, chair, her mother's or father's hand.

Soon they will try to let go of self reliance and make a few unstable steps. At the same kids rastopyrivayut pen in hand to better maintain a balance. Free circulation for the baby – a tremendous achievement, and therefore he does not get tired all the time up and start all over again, even if it does not fall once. The first baby steps to stand child can most often by their first birthday. He needs only some kind of support. For a table leg or chair in the house can be just as well stay as a tree in the garden. When a child is sitting on the floor, he himself can get out of using similar props, and make their first steps. Stand very popular with the children and they keep repeating attempts to stand.

Soon they will learn to hold on to a support with one hand, allowing the other hand is freed for to miss all that is within reach. Thus satisfied the desire of the child to the discovery of entirely new areas. When a baby learn to stand and make their first steps, the world opened for him at an entirely different perspective. Soon, he learns to stand up and squat, and the game in this new position will give him a lot of fun. Initially, it will always fall when try to bend over and pick up something, but with each new attempt to his sense of equilibrium will develop. At this time, he likes the toys that need to tow, he also likes to pull a piece of clothing. Source: