San Francisco

In contrast, the dream of each one is to gain money and to come back the land to live in better conditions of what the ones that had. The search is obliged job in another land, because in its it does not have. It travels fascinated for the news that arrive to it of the wealth of the River, So Paulo, of the farms of the Paran, the Mato Grosso of the south. (Garci’a, 1986,32 p). Therefore to be north-eastern alone will have a future, life of the stock market school and as much other stock markets offered for the federal government, this are the form as the Northeast is presented either in literature, in music or in it speaks of the tourist. The Northeast in literature is seen as ' ' historical – poltica' ' , therefore the great objective is to create and to spread out a concept that will go to classify the region, on figures the region would not be heroes, but only personages ridicule that would not have, no social or civilizatria importance, being these worried only about they themselves this literature it would have, in the truth, as bigger objective to divulge a culture, a population degraded for dries and conditions partners? economic that they humiliate the northeastern, presenting to the country an limited reality of the region, however is created a speech ' ' regionalista' ' in which &#039 is assigned to this; ' povo' ' a qualification of ' ' coitadinho' ' ou' ' discriminado' ' that without the aid of the federal government never it will go to win the subdesenvolvimento, dries, the hunger and the misery devastates that them. Beautiful speech adopted for an underdeveloped country. It will be that it needs the aid of the great world-wide powers to leave the subdesenvolvimento? This prejudiced and distorted image that was attributed to the Northeast is fruit of notice divulged for some medias or, exactly for a globalization that believed is far from arriving the region, become it incapable to be part of the capitalist market, a region geographically caused an accident it only becomes what it product cultural partner, therefore being its poor lands and a great part being hinterland where the misery is great the attractive one to the reporters will not be able to give its contribution in the process of economic development to the capitalism, then Garci’a places: Who porventura imagines to be the sertes desert sad northeasterns where only the cactis obtain to survive, it will frighten when coming across fertile parreirais ace immense edges of the San Francisco or and viosas plantations of tomatoes in fertile valleys irrigated for waters accumulated in great dams.