Wellknown Brands

Marketers often operate on the notion of "a strong brand." But what do they mean when using the word "strong"? First of all, it refers to what is called brand equity. Your brand is strong, if its capital large. Some contend that U.S. Mint shows great expertise in this. But let's look at what makes a great brand equity and how you are building? Since the early 1990's. there was a set of definitions of the term "brand equity", although there is still little consensus on how it measure is not achieved. For example, in his book, Managing brand equity, published in 1991, David Aaker defined brand equity as follows.

"Brand equity – a combination of assets and liabilities associated with the brand, its name and symbol, which build or weaken the value the products and services company and / or its customers. Assets and liabilities on which brand equity can be different and depend on context. However, in general they can be useful and grouped into five categories: 1.Loyalnost brand. 2.Osvedomlennost of the name. 3.Vosprinimaemoe quality. 4.

caused by a brand, in addition to perceived quality. 5.Drugie corporate assets: patents, trademarks, relations in distribution channels, etc. Despite the efforts of Aaker and other professionals are uniquely formulated the concept of brand equity to mid-1990 appeared so many conflicting definitions or indicators of brand equity that the term itself was in danger – they could stop using because of the excessively blurred understanding. K. Clancy, and P. Krieg revisited literature on brand equity and identified the following eight factors which, they argue, are the basis of brand equity: Extending the brand: a combination of brand awareness, advertising and product availability with taking into account the "weight" of each of these components.

Motivational Stories

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If ciudas well this tenth part, one day reward you for all your efforts. School of animal a few animals who decided to do something heroic to respond to the problems of a new world. They then organized a school. They adopted a programme of activities which was to run, climb, swim and fly. To make everything more easy to manage, all the animals were all subjects.

The duck was an excellent swimming, in fact much better than your instructor, but barely He got approved to fly and was very bad at the races. As it was slow to run, had to stay after class and also leave swimming to make practical career. This continued thus until it ruined their webbed feet and barely approved swimming. But approval was acceptable in school, so that nobody cared, except the duck. Running rabbit began at the front of the class, but had a nervous breakdown due to the intense work of training for swimming. The squirrel was excellent climbing until you are frustrated in the class of flight where his teacher made it to boot from the ground, instead of from the top of the tree. So he had a cramp in excess of exercise and got very bad grades in climbing and running.