Subconscious Mind

Although consciously they are motivated and repeating that they are going to obtain something better for themselves, and are to as much of the process of change of beliefs, if they do not work in its subconscious mind, all that work sera in vain. The subconscious mind is a powerful resource, us guide it takes and us in the life, it maintains with life, it handles our vital functions to us and also it can sabotage our existence. For that reason, you must be allows of as they are your ingrained beliefs in the subconscious mind, much people who want to gain but money and independent being economically, to be able to travel and to have better quality of life, thinks that to change of use it is the solution, this is a trap of the subconscious mind, because they want to be rich, wish to be rich, but its subconscious mind takes always them to the economic slavery, because he is " seguro" so that he is " mejor" so that therefore they raised to you. Nobody, never, became rich working for a landlord, and if these looking for the economic freedom and to win but, but these looking for " use seguro" in the age with but changes in the history of the humanity, your subconscious mind this sabotaging to you. You want to improve like person, to be somebody better, successful (a) intelligent and that projects security and confidence, anybody that dares to take new challenges, but you do not want to leave the habits that you have acquired during years, like arriving behind schedule, laziness, the custom of more or less, not to put the 100% of effort in anything, and so on, your subconscious mind this sabotaging to you. Because you want good results without esforzarte, without changing nothing in your life, without changing you yourself (a), you are of which follow the infomerciales of " perda 20 kilos in 5 days without doing nada" of " it hgase millionaire in 3 minutes without investing and trabajar" , that is sample of which your subconscious mind sabotages and wants mantenerte to you where these now, a happy place where not these, but these comfortable. Not only you must be conscious to acquire new beliefs that allow you to achieve the success, but these also must be inserted and be programmed in the subconscious mind so that they work. Otherwise, you will be saboteandote constantly and the law of the attraction would not work, the hypnosis would not work, the courses of motivation either. That you want to obtain today? Original author and source of the article.