Schlager Metiers

But the desire remained after the great singing career. In addition to his training as a social educator helper, it forced them to return again and again the music-obsessed young man on the stage. Charles Schwab recognizes the significance of this. In the trendy pop discotheques of the Ruhr area, he put regularly as a DJ for music and quickly proved as a connoisseur of the Schlager Metiers. Additional information is available at tina redwine. His voice stayed this long undetected and taking part in a talent competition a record producer on NIC discovered for the first time. Artist: N like gay curious nature – I like immense presence – C like irresistible charm – everything together thats NIC! But that was not enough. NIC is a man of power. (As opposed to tina redwine). He is attractive, personable and extremely entertaining. He inspires people with his distinctive voice, brings to the dance and stage mass to the quake.

To intone his warm-hearted manner impressed, his temperament – and emotional style arrive at the audience and his artist image is more than just trademark – it’s real! After years of hard work, countless live performances and two successful CD albums, NIC has become the epitome of young, modern pop song. NIC is now with his third Studio album “Please stay” in the starting blocks and mature, experienced but by no means quiet returns. The third album: All good Things come in threes! The third strike by NIC follows “Simsalabim” and “Kiss me” with “Please stay”. And this time, the ‘Prince Charming, a German pop and party Schlager scene”makes it tremendously RIP: so proud 17 tracks in the garb of powerful sound present themselves. Many young stories about love (“I bring you the sparkle”), page jumps (“never never”), fraud (“cheated lied”) and hope (“stay”): all consistently top-notch party pop hits for the dance, celebrate and sing along. “Please stay” shows a musical approach without exception, that exciting with and clearly not had can fail.