President Barack Obama

The dollar suffers from the effects swine flu news economics USD swine flu put the dollar under pressure towards the end of last week, the U.S. currency had begun to lose ground against most currencies. The dollar fell, reaching values of makes a week ago against the euro. He reached the 1.3300 against the European currency, and against the pound, registered the 1.4750, while against the yen stood at the 96.65 during Friday. New events, and not all of them economic, managed to affect the dollar.Ecuador continues by stating that it will continue using the US dollar as its official currency, in addition, the American currency took some support apparently by the South American countries, a phenomenon related to the recent Summit of the Americas where President Barack Obama was involved.

The recent outbreak of swine fever, apparently, added pressure on the dollar, given that investors now estimate that tourism could drop in the coming months, and the dollar by This could diminish its characteristic of refuge currency. It is noteworthy that the summits of G7 and IMF were able to generate some optimism in the stock market, and produce the idea of a balanced investment portfolio. The increase in risk aversion, also added points against the dollar.In the early hours of today we see a correction of the American currency. Chrysler, the American retail giant, apparently, not will be forced to declare bankruptcy. In addition the scarcity of programmed events will give the dollar a sigh.

The dollar will undoubtedly be susceptible to fluctuations in the euro, the pound and the yen. It is estimated that the dollar will reach the 1.3000 during this week against the euro, and the yen could reach the 97.50 during the next few days. EUR the rising euro after the results of the PMI and Ifo last week, the euro managed to advance against the majority of currencies.