Poker Bankroll

Every successful player has to, though probably should not, and shall properly and correctly dispose of their bankroll (the bank), to within a few hours or hitting a losing streak not lose all the funds allocated to the game. Proper use of bankroll, in theory, will play a selected amount indefinitely, due to the fact that with the fall bankroll will go down and limits on who can play, and vice versa with the growth of the bank to increase limits. All this would not only avoid unnecessary losses, and fast, but also give the opportunity to train to play at a certain level and will move to the next, more complex level, with stronger players. And if game to the next stage had no luck, it will be seen to reduce the bank and as a consequence of the transition back to the stage below, in order to reduce losses and allow time for training with weaker rivals, as knowledge and skills to play at a new stage is not quite enough. So what should be the level of bankroll to play at a certain limit of interest rates? There is no clear definition of that to go to the next level of rates needed to have so much that money in the bank. But there are some rules: In limit poker: to play at a certain limit rates should have 200 big bets (BB or big blind). Therefore, in poker, where the rates textarea, 1/textarea, 2 the size of the bank not