Perfect Counter Game

The German national team distributes die-hard football Nations through perfect counter game. At the 2010 World Cup, the German team showed in the second round against England counter-attacking football perfection. If you count the first goal, initiated by the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer as counter-attack, England is beaten by three Konterangriffe. But that was not enough. Who would have thought that “Maradona’s magic boys” themselves by “sexy Jogi Frischlingen” drive from the tournament would be? But in the quarter-finals against Argentina, the German repeated her breathtaking game. Unfortunately, the fun in the game against Spain was ending.

Not really but that detract from the success of the German team and don’t need a perfect counter game. Why are Konterangriffe so important? In modern football well-organized defenses allow the attackers very little time and space to develop her attacking game. There are other solutions. Quick solutions. Solutions that catch the opponent at the moment of the Unorganisiertheit: quick action or Konterangriffe. So many games are decided. During the defensive phase, the whole team mentally prepares a possible own counter-attack.

Immediately after ball take advantage of players as possible in majority, the brief Unorganisiertheit of the opponent. You lose no time and are looking for the fastest way to the opposing goal. But this sounds easier than it is often a complex game situation varies within fractions of seconds and a new decision is necessary. A possible pass doesn’t make sense any more, a pace dribbling towards goal is no longer possible, because the space was delivered. Counter needs to be trained. Successful counter requires a meticulous and careful preparation and elaboration in the training. A counter makes high demands on the perception and the decisions of the players. The positions of the fellow – opponent are changing rapidly. How can you train counter? The founder of the concept of game intelligence in football Horst wine, has led to a concept with many Exercises developed. This is all the more interesting as the world-renowned trainer instructor lives for over 30 years in Barcelona. Wine knows Spanish football very well and has influenced him through his lectures, seminars, and books for the Spanish Football Federation. In his (free) E-book “the art of quick – and Konterangriffs. Part 1: simplified games to quick attack”wine shows how you can successfully train counter.