Our Star For Oslo: Performance Pros Give Tips

Exceptional online coach complemented with our star for Oslo jury”present a casting format that offers variety in the otherwise very uniform casting routine ARD and ProSieben. The result is not only a special, the winner is Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest in Norway represented it is also respectful to participants dealt with. According to Stefan Raab, the show is a project of national importance”. His alternate jury of successful German artist saves not with praise to the candidates. However”, so music producer Frank Oldengott from Munster, she expresses rarely practical tips can also work with the candidates. It constitutes sure a large part of the development of an artist, if it is built on positive but only, if he also knows what it is that makes just so appealing it.” Singer Simon Dye added: just as, even constructive criticism is helpful for the development of a performance.

The artists of the next wonders what meaningful step is really bringing him further. “” Precisely on these points, the jury’s scarce time statements need more scope. “we have therefore decided to set up an online coach, with the public feedback, we give the candidates since the fourth broadcast,” so the choreographer of Vinicius. One finds that the following day of the broadcast at usfocoach.wordpress.com. “Under the bullet points: What impressed us ‘ and our suggestion for you ‘ each candidate receives a personal feedback, as well as insightful and sometimes extraordinary tips to his performance and his further artistic work.” Music producer Oldengott: Insider tips are usually as artistic trade secret,’ remain preserved. Not only the candidates can benefit from the feedback, can look here also the audience behind the scenes of live performance and develop a more comprehensive picture of the candidates.” The makers of the online coaches working since 2004 as a fantastic artist”to the Theme live performances with musicians and singers. They offer seminars and workshops nationwide (including at the Musikhochschule Munster). “your book was published in 2009: vocal performance coach”, as a first practical book on the subject to PPV media. “More information about fantastic artist” under.