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The submitted project proposals for 750 wind Turbines exceeded the magnitude but significantly. They included a capacity of approximately 78,000 MW and an investment volume of around EUR 97.1 billion. Among the candidates were both SMEs and larger holdings of Turkey. The planned installation capacity varied between 1.5 MW and 3,000 MW. To solve the congestion of WKA licensing, this expansion scenario is expected from the State-owned electricity distribution company (TEIAS): 5 years: 10,000 MW of installed power within 10 years: 15,000 MW installed capacity in the long term to 2023: 20,000 of MW of installed capacity as of 7 April 2009 were for 93 projects with a capacity of 3.363 MW licensed. Government incentives support Gets the wind energy on the part of the Government: a price and acceptance guarantee for ten years, promises the wind farm operators.

The feed-in tariff amounts currently to 5.5 cents / kWh. Since June 2010, there are considerations, to increase the compensation to 6.5 cents / kWh. Because the feed-in tariff in Europe is low, the wind power producers on the free market and others have Ability to negotiate higher prices than the guaranteed prices with customers in a bilateral agreement. Best practice: Nordex AG and Bilgin ENERJI Nordex AG as a provider of MW-turbines installed worldwide around 3,300 plants with a capacity of approximately 4,000 MW (as of May 2008). Since 2008, a framework agreement of Nordex AG with the power plant company is Bilgin ENERJI, which is one of the pioneers of water and wind power in Turkey. “After new orders over 115 MW in the summer of 2008, Nordex AG provided the power plant operator in January 2010 36 N90/2500 turbines of 90 MW for the project soma”. “” Nordex built soma”the wind park, which the third firm order Mazi III” and Bergama “is in the province of Manisa in the West of the country. The 36 turbines, which are spread over a large area, should produce around 300 GWh electricity.

Power supply by 150,000 households would make possible. At the same time this will spare the emission of around 300,000 tonnes of CO2. Search our portfolio of Cooperation partner of the successful entry into the Turkish market requires expert knowledge. For this, the imap Institute offers the necessary assistance from market analysis to the acquisition of potential project partners. For detailed selection talks with potential partners companies can opt for their optimal cooperation. In the entire process accompanied the imap Institute advises the company and prepare them for cultural differences.