Honeymoon On The Caribbean Island

Honeymoon in the Caribbean – an unforgettable event. Islands – truly a paradise for honeymooners and so hotel rooms are planned for many days ahead. The temperature in the autumn and spring – not below 27 degrees, and the possibility of privacy combined with European comfort. At one of the Caribbean islands of Antigua, 365 white sand beaches, as days per year. On the island of Barbuda has a beach of light pink color, and the Santa Lucia – almost black. On the island Maldives can retire on the capture of personal use of the island and spend their honeymoon only two.

Although it is possible to bring a guest and if you allow a purse. But when you consider that it is not necessary nor a wedding convoy, no animators and expensive restaurants, a wedding on the islands can cost less traditional. However, if you have the desire, you can hold a celebration of the traditional rules: makeup and hairdo, registration and greetings, bed under a beautiful canopy, flower bath Many hotels in the Caribbean offer a service for the newlyweds 'all inclusive'. Therefore, we can take money only for souvenirs and excursions, for which 700 will be enough. If you did not want to lie on the beach, take a submarine ride and to see the underwater world – reefs, turtles, unusual color of fish and crabs.

You can go to sea safari and watch the dolphins and whales. Possible on this cake, as in antiquity, to swim in the lagoon, home to a frigate bird. Must Lift hire a car and ride deep into the island, where you can admire the plantations of coconut, banana, , orange and mango trees – very nice. Light day in the Maldives and the Caribbean – from 7 to 9 hours. And if you visit on a celebratory carnival, then the night turn into day. Many residents of the island will take to the streets lights to dance to fun local tunes to choose 'Miss Carnival', drink, sing, eat. But not only in holiday time dark evenings on the islands have something to do – a full set of entertainment events. In short, her honeymoon on the Caribbean island will give you an unforgettable experience. However, do not forget to capture exotic landscapes, not only in his heart, but also in the photo.