I think that fashion exists independently of whether, to what social class are its adherents. There are immutable standards that sets high fashion, and people in one way or less listen to her voice in a measure of its financial and other features. Is there in your opinion the person whom you would confidently able to call "fashion icon"? I think now the general trend is a U.S. style in the 40th years of last century. And so, for example, Christina Agelera hit the mark with a choice of a new image. Vintage, blonde, red lips, a dress with sparkles in conjunction with the music R'n'B-here, in my opinion, the main trend.

And from designers that I really like – is primarily a Roberto Cavalli. I really like the femininity and sensuality of style, which made him dress. Avangradnye solutions John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood me too inspire. In any case not a "glamor". I've always scoffed at the word, which, in my opinion, has become synonymous with bad taste. You subdivides the concept of style in clothes and fashion? I think these are different concepts, but without each other they can not exist. A person can have his own style of dress, he usually listens carefully to the general trends in fashion. Your clothes fashionable or stylish? His clothes, I define as "", ie its want to put on. For me it is very important. Every time I come up with a new collection, I think, first of all, about whether I want to wear it.