Famous British Pubs

Every day in the uk closed about 6 pubs. This is the worst figure in the history of the country – says the British Beer and Pub Association. So, for the year 2008 its doors closed in 1973 beer garden. For example, a couple of years ago, a day does not close more than one or two pubs. Today it is almost 10 times faster than in 2006, or 20 times faster than in 2005. Among the reasons is called a recession in the economy of the kingdom, the crisis and the laws by which the authorities 'Strangled' drinking establishments.

Authorities are preparing a new package of measures to combat alcohol. Thus, in the pubs of Britain are going to prohibit in the pubs of special events for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Among other prohibitions – proposed to cancel the tenders for drinking beer on the speed, reduce the size of cup and tighten the requirements for staff. Earlier, British pubs have become less popular because of the introduction in 2007 of a ban on smoking in their pomescheniyah.Po Experts Association of beer and pubs argue that over the past few years due to the closure of pubs in the country lost 44,000 jobs. If the present trend continues, the work in the near time to lose another 60 thousand people.