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Although lately (SEO) search engine optimization focuses much on links to your site, the keywords you use are still of great importance. I’m not saying that the links are not important because they are, but, ultimately, what will give prominence to your site are the words that you use. These should not be based on what you think you want or imagine; They must go according to what people are looking for. For this there are many tools, both free and paid, which will give you an idea of what people are looking for. The idea when you want to optimize a site or blog for search engines, is to create a list as large as possible. You can not concentrate at all, but at least you have a list that includes the relevant terms that others seek. Many people want to enter, for example, the market of diets. When you start your site, it concentrates its efforts on weight loss or diet.

These words are so competitive that it gives up laughter trying to gain positions, especially if you’re starting. However, there Why become frustrated. Just learn to reach using phrases that others perhaps not are fighting so much. And this does not include misspelled words or rare keywords that are never going to find. Just find the closest thing to what you want to reach. For example, lose weight with aerobic exercise is a phrase easier to place and with less competition.

Once you optimices your page to this phrase, you’re already competing also for the largest keyword weight loss, which is part of the sentence. This you can do if you are looking to optimize to reduce measures with aerobic exercise. With this I do not mean to not include rare words; If they are relevant, you have to include them. However, optimizing for a phrase with your term inside it as in the example, you kill two birds with one stone. The other will be complementary but will not help you directly for your main keywords. This always depends on the market in which you move and what you do with it. In this case you have to use your discretion, but not you have to worry; practice will eventually make you you do it naturally.