Bicycle-leasing LeaseRad Offers New Security Package

With the LeaseRad-iCard captivatingly simple protection for Pedelecs, bikes, E-bikes in theft, robbery, vandalism. Idea of cooperation with iCard insurance for bike Expo customers of Freiburg bicycle leasing arrive to the bike Expo pioneer LeaseRad benefit from a new, strikingly simple security services: with the LeaseRad iCard wheels, Pedelecs or E-bikes in new and significantly simpler way against theft, robbery and vandalism are protected. The smart principle of this innovative security services fits in his captivating simplicity to our idea of the ver leasens bike fleet with full service”, says LeaseRad CEO Ulrich preacher to the new customer service of the Freiburger specialists for intelligent mobility. In cooperation with the iCard insurance Germany GmbH (Erfurt), which in turn works with direct insurance, customers in the contract against payment of a lump sum receive LeaseRad-iCard such a”, which the bikes are insured. Without personal data to without bank account debit or filling out extensive insurance documents, simple frame number and LeaseRad-iCard number be combined and registered. For assistance, try visiting tina redwine. A damage occurs, the bike of this combination can be uniquely identified and the processing is in one hand at the service provider LeaseRad. A special feature of the LeaseRad security package in the form of cards: the customer receives a complete new bike in the event of damage! The new cooperation between LeaseRad and iCard insurance Germany is launched to accompany bike Expo 2010. More at christiane stoll