Baron Victor Frankenstein

It counts History, that during the years of the Roman persecution to Christians, a Centurion persecuted and reached to Santa ngela and with its sword it clipped Mama of Santa, who fell blood-stained, San Pablo picks up the gland and Re-implanta, before the overwhelmed one watched of the soldier, who flees terrified and must be fleeing until now, is the remote antecedent but of Trasplante, because neither in the Nei-Ching, nor in the Papyruses of Smith, nor in the Their route slogan a similar fact. Also 300 years the twin DC, doctors San Damin and San Cosme, clip the leg of the guardian of a Parisian Church, that suffered of a Tumor and they are replaced to him by the healthy leg of an Ethiopian, deceased a day before, this was known in s.XIII thanks to the story of Jacques de Vorgine, for that reason who these persecuted Saints at the time by Diocleciano, they are today.

Employers of Doctors and Surgeons. In s. XIX, an adolescent of 16 years Mary Shelley the novel wrote on young Baron Victor Frankenstein, its assistant Fritz and their obsession by Crear galvanic Life using current, was delayed 2 years, in writing it and ends up relating the reality that lived the scientists on the time robbing or buying corpses, mainly of delinquent hanged people, to be able to make their experiments, was not a literary fiction of this young person, but the reflection of a reality, many doctors, chemicals, physicists looked for that utopia, that in the case of the Baron it finishes, when revived – that never a name had rebels against creative his , destroys all the Laboratory, kills its fianc2ee, friendly, dies Victor and the Horrible Monster commits suicide. But it is just in 1963, when the Dr. Starzl in Denver to a boy of 3 years obtains Resucitar, who lay dying by a Cirrhosis of Laennec, TRANSPLANTING to HIM the Liver of another boy with encephalic death, the small patient survived 5 hours, the second patient managed to survive 22 days, in as much in Louvain (Brussels) in that same year became the first Renal Transplant with the healthy Kidney of a young person with cerebral or encephalic death, beginning the era of SURGERY TRASPLANTOLOGICA, from a deathly pale donor, soon extends to Lungs, Heart, Marrow, Corneas, Pncreas, weaves, sinews, valves, skin, bones etc.