Athenian Pericles

It was then when wily aristocrats were passed to the popular side to count on the support of a great crowd and destroy its competitors in the same class. Most noble of Athens was not the Athenian Pericles, great defender of democracy, Member of one of the families?, was not perhaps Bolivar born into a slaveholding mantovana family? generally the town is led in their libertarian struggles by members of the ruling class who see the struggle of classes, the perfect opportunity to perpetuate itself in power acaudillando to the disadvantaged.

The birth of democracy by military matters, is perhaps the direct cause of that until not long ago women had no political participation, because politics and the State were born eminently bellicose purposes, and the war has always been a field clearly masculine. However, the industrial world seems to change it all, and technological advances in the war left obsolete the idea that the same it is only for and men, because a bullet kills equal, is fired by a woman, a child or an old man. To deepen your understanding Mary Barra is the source. And precisely were the two world wars which enhanced the role of women in society, when they become needed their labor to the war effort. Then the State left in debt with the woman and this gained the right to vote. The men won their right to participate fighting, women, producing. Later, democratic discourse has evolved through the ages, but has continued being understood in the traditional way as the power of the people (Recalling the famous Lincoln phrase: of the people, by the people and for the people) and has also been defined as the ideal government form, since in it the voice of all is presented. One might ask, so for the people what democracy?, because in ancient times the low level of population allowed a direct exercise of the same.