American Consumer Confidence

News Economics USD the dollar cede against the majority of currencies, while the stock markets rebound the dollar he suffered great volatility, while several factors drove the purchase of higher risk assets, and as a result, demand for refuge currencies fell. The American stock market rallied, while several American companies reported results that exceeded expectations. In the banking sector, Bank of America and Citigroup shares advanced strongly. On the other hand, the American Consumer Confidence which was published on Tuesday, continued to show its positive effects.The American currency lost 130 pips against the euro during the day yesterday, and closed at 1.3322. Much of this phenomenon was due to the fall in demand for coins refuge, since apparently, the American economy is already showing signs of strengthening. And this despite the figures for GDP were announced yesterday.

Against the pound, the dollar also gave ground, and ended up losing approximately 125 pips, reaching the 1.4830. However, against the yen, the dollar advanced 0.6%, about 60 pips. A phenomenon that was due in part to the economic situation in Japan, China and the United States both, apparently, begins to improve.Unemployment Claims, Personal Spending and Personal Income will now be published at 12: 30 GMT. It is estimated highly volatile after such publications. However, considered that the market digested today newly published GDP figures. Several analysts estimate that the dollar will regain lost ground during the day yesterday given that several investors could return to seek refuge in dollars.

It may that the EUR/USD pair reached the 1.3200 to day. EUR euro advances against the dollar yesterday the euro developed an uptrend, especially by the result of the Consumer Confidence indicator, European that showed a rise after 11 months in baja. This added to the rumor that both Japan and the United States, the worst of the crisis already happened. The upturn in the stock market in the Euro area and in England was due in large part to what happened in the United States, and also by the fall in demand for coins refuge.