3 Tips For Making Decisions

Abstract: decision making and problem-solving capacity are the essential skills to achieve your goals. As I said in other articles the training is important but not essential. However, the ability to solve and make decisions are critical to achieving our desires. I'll show in this article some tips to develop your response capacity and facilitate your decision making. When you make decisions it's important to consider several options and should ideally be at least three options if they are better.

It is said that one option is required and two is a dilemma. 1st tip .- To know what you want: I feel always repeat this step, but every day I meet many people cona when I ask them what they want to achieve, they have no idea, or are uncertain and say they will be looking over the marcha.a If you do not know what you never, ever arrive anywhere. If you want to make a trip, the first thing I think is where you are going to go, If you do not know where you hardly get to anywhere. To make the right decisions is essential to clarify what is wanted. 2U tip .- The taking of a decision does not mean that force you to follow whatever happens. To see if the firm is very well (I would call it perseverance, persistence, determination); a But when time and circumstances we are demonstrating that our decision is not right or could be improved, one must know rectify and change the decision.a That yes, always with consistency and persistence. 3rd tip .- Do not make the grave mistake of deciding for others what they think and if it is okay to ask for opinions, go right to give ideas, but in the end decide for what you believe is best for you based on your objectives ( yours, not those of others).

In addition there will always be people who do not like your decisions, so I criticize you anyway, it's best to do what you think is best for you. Since then the results of what you do will be for you, whether you are good and if they are bad. Follow these I've mentioned tips and you'll see how you facilitate the resolution in your decisions. anaa Zabaleta Arrese "The Coach of the entrepreneur" a