Shift Foreman Worked For The Competition

Salary fraud staff one of the shift managers of our clients diligently worked for the competition demonstrated in the case of illness 2008 and that shone with around 90 sick absence days a year until 01.10.2008. When the man again disabled ill reported in October, the Managing Director hired our detective agency. Three of our detectives began with the observation of the employee and could realize that this morning to his house in Lich, Germany shortly before 07:00 left in the car of his wife rose and went to a company after casting. Our detectives could find out job-related investigations that the man there, neither on the wage / payroll stood still as a freelancer”was performed. “Therefore had to be assumed that the allegedly sick here black” worked. The precarious in this situation was that it was a direct competitor of our clients in Kassel at the electronics company in Giessen. Upon request of our customer, to make things really waterproof”to get, we repeated the observation of the employee on the three following days and could prove that the allegedly sick employees not only every day from 07:30 pm 17:00 in the premises of the competitor disappeared, but also that this there in the area of production. Quality management worked and exactly the activity went, that he could not perform at our client’s premises. The actual work of the man in the company demonstrated by covert mini cameras, who wore two of our detectives to the body, while they accidentally”ran into the production hall on the search according to the personnel office. Our client has in the meantime passed the matter his lawyers and the termination the sick layer guide gragn.